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A GPMI building block, our caucuses are more focused issue groups which are essential to the base of our organization. Scroll down and click on the links for a description. Then join! Are we missing one? Contact our Locals Liaison at: [] to find out how to start a caucus!


is a caucus consisting of members of the Green Party of Michigan, who are Asian American and Pacific Islander (GPMIAAPI), and who have a strong interest in advocating and promoting issues and concerning the AAPI community.

Co-Chairs: ** Vacant

GPMI Black Caucus

The Green Party of Michigan Black Caucus (GPMIBC) to create policy and advocate for equal rights, opportunity, and access to Black Americans and other marginalized communities.

Co-Chairs: Jacquis Robertson/Darryl Gibson

GPMI Disability Caucus

The Green Party of Michigan Disability Caucus (GPMIDC) is a group dedicated to advocacy, support for the disabled and seeks to mitigate both interpersonal and institutional ableism, and increase awareness of disabled experience and disability culture. 

Co-Chairs: ** Vacant

GPMI Indigenous Peoples Caucus

 The Green Party of Michigan Indigenous Peoples Caucus (GPMIPC) provides a strong voice for Indigenous peoplesseeks to mobilize support of Native Nations and Indigenous Sovereignty, and acknowledge Indigenous rights to land, water, and life.

Co-Chairs: ** Vacant

GPMI Hispanic/Latino Caucus

The Green Party of Michigan Hispanic/Latino Caucus is a collective Hispanic/Latino advocacy organization which aims to address issues that directly impact the Hispanic/Latino communities. We also want to invite, empower and expand the identity of Hispanic/Latinos in Michigan.

Co-Chairs: Marco Bulnes

GPMI Lavender Caucus

The Green Party of Michigan Lavender Caucus (GPMILC) seeks to promote and address issues of interest to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Intersex, Asexual (LGBTQIA) Greens and to facilitate communication and coordination amongst LGBTQIA individuals to educate on, advocate for, and represent LGBTQIA interests and issues.

Co-Chairs: ** Vacant

GPMI Womens Caucus [Launch June 12, 2023]

The Green Party of Michigan Women’s Caucus (GPMIWC) seeks to advance gender equity through education, legislation, and advocacy.  And to recruit, develop, and support women for elected and appointed offices at all levels of government.

Co-Chairs: Jessicia Venture

GPMI Youth Caucus (YESGPMI)

The Young Ecosocialists of the Green Party of Michigan (YESGPMI) works to engage youth in Green issues and gives its members a voice within the GPMI. Membership is open to anyone ages 18-24. Using the Ten Key Values as guiding principles, we emphasize political independence from the corporate duopoly and working towards an ecosocialist future.

Co-Chairs: [Interim] Michael Mawilai

GPMI Eco Action Caucus

The Green Party of Michgan Eco-Action Committee (GPMIEAC) focuses on helping organize greens for local and national events and drives to protect and promote ecological wisdom and sustainability.

Co-Chairs: ** Vacant

GPMI Justice Caucus

In the Green Party of Michigan Justice Caucus (GPMIJC), our focus is on addressing the many dicrepancies within our criminal justice system and restructuring the role of law enforcement within our communities.

Co-Chairs: ** Vacant

GPMI Cannabis Caucus

The Green Party of Michigan Cannabis Caucus (GPMICC) seeks to fight for fair regulatory practices regarding cannabis and to end all restrictions and the federal prohibition of cannabis in Michigan and the United States.

Co-Chairs: **Vacant

Committee opportunities are coming soon!

**Vacant (Looking for volunteers to fill these roles)



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