Green Party of Michigan |

Officer List

GP-MI offices are positions of responsibility and trust, not of power and prerogative.

We are elected to roles of service. In that spirit, we openly strive to communicate, cooperate, and collaborate with other officers and our members.


Daniel Martin-Mills

This officer collects and preserves records such as GP-MI meeting minutes, press releases, the Handbook, the By-laws, and the platform. The Archivist may assist the Treasurer in archiving all financial documents.

Not Stated


D. Etta Wilcoxon

The party Chair is responsible for responding to requests for interviews, appearances, and requests for statements from the media. The party Chair is also Chair of the SCC, and is responsible for administration of group communications.

Not Stated

Committee Manager

Joseph Jordan

This officer facilitates the SCC and manages the standing committees

Not Stated

Communications Manager

Jennifer Kurland

This officer shall coordinate and update GP-MI publications, both traditional and digital, and maintain the GP-MI Handbook.

Not Stated

Elections Coordinator

Jacob Straley

This officer shall be responsible for keeping GP-MI aware of and following laws and regulations in its election-related activities, including appointment of election challengers and poll-watchers; recruiting candidates for GP-MI nomination or endorsement; assembling and providing current information about the party's nomination/endorsement processes, including advance/draft convention rules; helping nominated candidates file required paperwork; and supporting campaigns. The Elections Coordinator shall also manage any electionrelated online group activities.

Not Stated

Locals Liaison

Amanda Slepr

This officer is the primary advocate for Locals, welcoming new members; assigning mentors for the new members; and receiving the registration forms from new Locals and the quarterly reports from Locals to enter them into the state party records.

Not Stated

Locals Rep at Large

Vacated Position

Two members, who live in counties not served by a Local, shall be At-Large Representatives to the SCC for all members living in counties not served by a Local; preferably they shall come from unserved areas distant from each other. A representative shall serve out the remainder of the year if the county in which s/he lives becomes served by a Local.

Not Stated

Meeting Manager

John Anthony La Pietra

This officer arranges state membership meetings and nominating conventions, and provides a yearly schedule of these by date and region. This officer keeps track of and delivers supplies for SMMs and conventions, includingAV equipment, and shall notify all members about these meetings at least 30 days in advance.

Not Stated

Membership Manager

Darryl Gibson

The Membership Manager is responsible for keeping records of membership and sending out annual requests for donationsp coordinates with the Treasurer when donations come in, supplies membership forms for meetings and other events, and supplies current member contact information to all appropriate officers.

Not Stated

Merchandise and Office Manager

Monika Schwab

The Merchandise Manager shall have a supply of GP-MI literature and merchandise; provide them to state meetings; and maintain a budget (that shall be reconciled with the Treasurer) for replenishing the supply and shipping the materials to locals and tabling events.

Not Stated


Charlotte Aikens

This officer receives and manages all funds of the GP-MI and its committees; prepares and  files all required financial documents and keeps GP-MI in compliance with laws and regulations; sends out at least annual requests for donations, in coordination with the Membership Manager; and keeps the GP-MI informed about its financial condition at SMMs and through the SCC.

Hi, my name is Charlotte. I am a mother and a registered nurse in Grand Rapids, MI. I am honored to serve our party both in the role of Treasurer and also in anyway that I am needed and able to serve. Feel free to contact me directly with any concerns. 

Web Steward

Jim Becklund

Responsible for maintaining GPMI owned electronic resources, including website hosting, official email, and marketing email according to the Handbook chapter for Web Steward. Two GPMI members are needed.

I am excited and looking forward to helping to develop a website that not only informs but stimulates interest from the general public and a place where Green Party members can express themselves in a peaceful manner. Candidates and the activities of the GPMI should be a high priority of the website as we grow and become leaders in issues important to us. I will do my best to accomplish these goals. Thanks for the trust you have given to me.