Green Party of Michigan |

GP-US Committees

Committee GP-MI Limit GP-MI Members
Banking and Monetary Reform Committee 3 Rita Jacobs
Accreditation 3
Animal Rights 3 Jennifer La Pietra
Brooke Wheeler
Ballot Access Committee 3
By-Laws, Rules, Policies, Procedures 3 John Early
Coordinated Campaign 3 Erin Fox
Dispute Resolution Committee 3
Diversity Lou Novak
Christopher Gilday
Eco-Action 3 Ligia Grandys
Lou Novak
Fundraising 3 Christopher “Dray” Perkins
GPAX 3 Rita Jacobs
Green Pages 3 Paul Homeniuk
International Committee 3 Linda Najar
Ligia Grandys
Joe Jordan
Media 3 Christopher “Dray” Perkins
PCSC 3 Paul Homeniuk
Erin Fox
PlatCom 3 Linda Cree