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Candidates for November, 2018

Michigan Governor

Jennifer has been an environmental activist in Michigan since she was 19, and has her degree in Political Science Public Affairs from Wayne State University.

She first ran for public office in 2012 and has served on the Redford Union School Board for the past 6 years, holding executive roles as President and Treasurer. Born and raised in Michigan by two union parents, she has a background in finance and has served in numerous civic leadership roles in Redford Township and with the Michigan Junior Chamber.

Jennifer is passionate about free and fair elections and has worked as an Elections Chairperson for over a decade. She has been on the ground in Flint since early 2016, and researched and created a documentary on the Flint Water Crisis via her radio show, The Offensive Feminist with Jenny K on the local internet station, Cave Radio Broadcasting.

Jennifer has worked with her board colleagues and district administration to create systemic change at Redford Union, creating new bylaws, bringing new opportunities for students like Early College and International Baccalaureate, and professional development for staff on curriculum, restorative practices, and cultural proficiency. Alongside her board, she fought local Democrat officials attempting a hostile annexation of the district with transparency and open communication with the community.

Jennifer walks her talk as a community activist, as an elected official, and is committed to being the leader that Michigan needs to bring us into the 21st century.

United States Senate

District: 14

Marcia Squier was the Green Party of Michigan's 2016 Candidate for US House in Michigan's 14th District, and is now running as the party's US Senate candidate.

She also served as a Michigan delegate to the presidential nominating convention in 2016.

Marcia is an exercise instructor and equipment manager for an exercise company for kids, and teaches yoga and flexibility classes to adults. Active in local politics, she is currently serving her 2nd term on the Board of Directors for her local park association. She is also a proud Mom to four kids.

She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology (1997) from Wayne State University, attending on a full academic scholarship.

United States Representative

District: 9

I am a Michigan native. Graduated M.S.U. with B.A. in Accounting 1986. I graduated University Detroit Mercy Law in 1994. I am licensed as attorney but spent more time as a commercial real estate broker. I was an auto dealership accountant in Lansing before studying law. My Dad was a public school teacher and WWII Veteran who served in five countries in Europe. My Mother was a C.W.A. hourly employee for 20 years. Like my parents, I was born and raised in Jackson.

Because of my real estate background I saw the destructive nature of subprime mortgages long before the bubble burst and the banks got bailed out. I also saw how many politically connected actors were unfairly favored in many real estate development deals involving government. My specialty in land acquisition caused me, or allowed me, to develop skills abstracting property titles and detecting fraud for the purpose of protecting my clients from fraud. In 2004 I decided to use my fraud detection skills to discover how many politicians, law enforcement officials and Judges were participating in irregular or suspicious mortgages. The results were disturbing. What was more disturbing is that neither the banks nor our government seemed to want these matters investigated!

I believe we need to financially overhaul the Federal Government. My 'New Deal' would involve common elements with FDR's. We need to reenact Glass Steagall. We need to strengthen Financial regulation by reinvigorating the SEC. WE need to strengthen Social Security and restore the borrowed funds. ($2.7T+). We need to audit the Federal Reserve, the Pentagon and HHS and publish the results!!

9/11 was an inside job used to justify nearly seventeen years of unjust Wars. The perpetrators of 9/11 need to be brought to Justice. We owe amends for the harm done in those Nations unfairly attacked. I would maintain the Iran P5+1 - JCPOA Nuclear Deal. I would enforce the Symington Amendment and require Israel's compliance with the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty by denying Israel U.S. military aid.

Please read my Declaration of Independence(Jan 2014) on my website for more specifics about how I would overhaul the Federal Government.

Harley Mikkelson

United States Representative

District: 10

No information provided by the candidate, (yet).

D. Etta Wilcoxon

United States Representative

District: 13

On April 26, 1957, D. Etta Wilcoxon was born in Brundidge, Alabama. On or about age six, D. Etta’s father; the late Everett Wilcoxon, felt that his wife; Louise and his then four children would be able to realize a better life in the north and he moved his young family to Detroit, Michigan. Learning that he was suffering with leukemia, Everett felt that Louise could better raise their children in the south, given the strong family network that they had left behind, he moved the family back to Alabama. Establishing a strong bond with the City of Detroit and reluctantly leaving Palmer Elementary School on Detroit’s north east side, D. Etta vowed that when she became an adult, she would return to the City of Detroit and make it her home.

In Alabama, D. Etta’s desire to be a part of the American political process was soon realized. The Wilcoxon family often discussed politics at the breakfast, lunch and dinner tables. While still in elementary school, D. Etta’s class took a trip to the Governor’s mansion to visit then Governor George C. Wallace; America’s most effective segregationist. As her classmates filed around the oval shaped conference table to shake the Governor’s hand, D. Etta opted not to shake the Governor’s hand. Needless to say, this act was the talk of the town. When Everett and Louise were summoned to pick their young daughter up and told of her refusal to shake the Governor’s hand, they thanked the school administrators for their concern and walked their daughter to their car. On the way, Everett asked D. Etta why she had not shaken the Governor’s hand to which she replied: “Daddy, George Wallace does not like black people and I am a black person”. Although the subject never really came up again, it was clear that D. Etta held strong political views.

While the south desegregated their public schools as desegregation was intended, D. Etta took stances and became a voice for the underdog. This, today, is one of her strongest traits.
Hailing from a family that was extremely committed to higher learning, having grown up during the time of the desegregation of the south, D. Etta was no stranger to trials and tribulations. These facts are undoubtedly responsible for the fact that D. Etta was able to graduate from the then University of Detroit, with a Bachelors in Political Science and without temporal interruption, also receive a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Detroit as well, when the University admitted very few African Americans. While at the University of Detroit, Wilcoxon was the first person to be selected as a Woodrow Wilson Fellow from the school of political science. This task mastering ability was probably responsible for the fact that D. Etta received a law degree from Cumberland School of Law as its only African American graduate in her graduating class, as well.

D. Etta Wilcoxon has enjoyed stimulating career stops in the public and private arenas. Always bent on utilizing all of her skills, Wilcoxon was the first African American and the first female to serve in 3M’s government and community affairs management. She went on to serve 3M as the Community Relations Director for the nation. Wilcoxon has served as the President and CEO of DEW’s Consulting Agency and Wilcoxon Enterprises, Inc. She served the City of Birmingham, Alabama as a City Magistrate and one of her earliest professional jobs was an administrative aide to the City of Detroit’s first African American President of City Council; Erma Henderson. Wilcoxon was also one of the last legal minds to work in Mayor Coleman A. Young's law department. D. Etta also assumed the helm of the Northend Community Development Corporation; a Michigan non-profit firm. Consistent with her spirit of giving, D. Etta has taught from pre- school to law school. Teaching assignments at the college level have included the University of Detroit Law School, Alabama State University, and Wayne County Community College. Her teaching assignments from pre-school to 12th grade, were all in public schools. Her passion for educating manifested itself in her current undertaking as the founder, CEO, Publisher and Editor In Chief of the Renaissance Observer, Inc.

Ms. Wilcoxon is divorced.

Wilcoxon’s memberships and affiliations have included:
Board Member - American Society for Public Administration, Member - International Law Society, Member - Pi Sigma Alpha - The National Political Science Honor Society, Board President and CEO - Art Center Music School, Board Member- Erma L. Henderson Legacy Foundation, Member-Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), The Underground Railroad Families Historical Society – Canada, Distinguished Women In International Service – DWIS, 2nd Vice President of the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW), National Action Network (NAN), Keep The Vote No Take Over, Rainbow Push, Disabled Veterans-Commanders Club, St. Jude, and the American Federation of Teachers; AFT.

Her honors have included:
Municipal Government Book Award - Law, Proctor of Admiralty, Earl Warren Legal Scholar, Distinguished Service Award - United Negro College Fund, Woodrow Wilson Fellow, SEMCOG Scholar, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Disabled American Veterans-Commanders’ Club -Bronze Leader, Pioneer Award - 3M National Advertising Company.

In the spirit of “giving back”, D. Etta’s volunteer undertakings have included:
Rev. Dr. Oscar King Northwest Unity Missionary Baptist Church - Lead person in development of Church Newspaper, Fought to Preserve the Right Of Detroiters To Vote being lead person in raising several thousand dollars through Keep The Vote No Take Over, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Erma Henderson Legacy Foundation, The Art Center Music School and The Northend Community.

State Senate

District: 14

I am 30 and I am running for the 14th State Senate of Michigan.

I am running because I have friends who were poisoned in Flint. I have family with student debt they will never be able to pay back. I was one that couldn't afford to get sick and had 3 jobs once to barely make ends meet. I have seen kids scared to go to school.

I have seen, far too long, the politicians serve corporate interests, and not the people they represent. I have seen our world have more and more dangerous weather and less clean environments for us to enjoy.. What I haven't compassion.

Politicians time and time again turn away from the people the are supposed to be representing to appease corporations and self interests. I am running for us. I want to put service back in public servant. Be available to talk to.

I will listen to my constituents and take their wishes to Lansing. I will be at city counsel meetings. I will volunteer in my communities. I will be available to talk to and to listen to you. I will be in every one of my 15 cities and townships. I will be around and available to listen and ready to serve.

Let me hear you.

State Senate

District: 22

Eric Borregard has lived in Webster Township for 12 years and owns EB Graphics, a multimedia company in Livonia.

He has taught K-12 school in Livingston and Washtenaw County. He is a graduate of Madonna University with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting and Cinema Arts with an Applied Science degree from Oakland Community College.

Eric has been a member of the Green Party since 2000.

State Senate

District: 26

My record of public service includes current membership on the Planning Commission and Main Street Economic Vitality committee of Otsego City.

I was Chapter 8 Governor of SEIU 517m, so I'm a union man.

I earned a BGS degree from U. of M and a Master's in chemistry from Western Michigan University.

As an environmental quality analyst, I participated in writing Michigan environmental law and rules.

As a State Senator for District 26, I will uphold the Michigan Constitution's commands that "the legislature shall provide for the protection of the air, water and other natural resources" and "shall maintain and support a system of free public. . .schools."

State Senate

District: 38

My roots run deep in the 38th State Senate District with great & grandparents who settled here and parents who were raised, lived and worked in this district. Firstborn of four, I schooled K-12 in Munising.

My work experience during and post high school was in a variety of fields involving employment with both government and private industry and I returned home to Michigan in 1981 and supervised an injection molding operation in Gaylord from 1981-1985, when we returned to our roots in Munising.

I enrolled at NMU to study sociology and criminal justice in preparation for a career in state civil service as a Corrections Officer, who subsequently trained for, opened and help operate the Alger Maximum Correctional Facility in Munising from 1990 until 1998, when my career ended abruptly following a failed cervical spine surgery to remediate a duty related injury.

Occupied since with open source research and political activism; focused primarily on human, civil and employment rights and the means and methods for achieving socioeconomic and environmental sustainability with a watchful eye on defense related issues.

This is my third race in as many consecutive years as a Green Party of Michigan nominee, though my first race for the State Senate.

Please visit and like my linked FB page and contribute whatever time, skills and financial assistance you can muster to this Green campaign.

Thank you for visiting this page.

State House of Representatives

District: 63

Job History:
I've worked ten years in state, regional, and local government; another ten years of private-sector jobs, including two teaching English in Japan; and close to the same amount of experience with non-profit organizations and campaigns, including 5-1/2 years working with Michigan Citizen Action and a half-year job running and improving the inventory system for the Food Bank of South Central Michigan.
Now I'm about to complete my tenth year in my latest career as an attorney – after graduating cum laude from Cooley Law School with concentrations in administrative law and Constitutional law and civil rights, and specific training in plain-English legal writing and the legislative process. Much of my paid work combines my legal training and my knowledge of Japanese, but I have also done significant pro bono and paid work in the fields of election and Freedom of Information law.

Important Issues:
Michigan's constitution says: “All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for their equal benefit, security and protection.” But around Michigan – from Detroit to Benton Harbor, from Flint to the Straits of Mackinac to the Kalamazoo River, in Lansing and East Lansing – politicians are clinging to power.
To find a pleasant peninsula today, we need to do more than just look around. We need to take back our power, use it to lift Michigan up from dead last in state government integrity and accountability, and invest it in benefits for the people:

• Education to help young people become good citizens and learners, ready for the work of the future – not just specific jobs that may not exist tomorrow.
• Sustainable transportation and other public infrastructure and utilities.
• Protection for Michigan's water, air, and soil – and other public trusts.
• Workplace policies designed to help workers and families.
• Tax and justice systems based on fairness to the people.
• Fair elections – countable, recountable, and accountable to the people.

State House of Representatives

District: 68

I have lived in the 68th District of Michigan for 23 years.

Many of you know me as the children's mental health advocate from ACMH or as a nurse. Many of you know my work in prison reform, nursing home reform, environmental concerns, sex trafficking crime prevention and ending homelessness.

My friends from around the world know my work as an activist to end the Occupation of Palestine, helping end rape and child marriage in Uganda, and ending war.

Those who don't know me will learn that I welcome everyone to the table. I want to hear your ideas and be your representative in the State House. Together, we can work to make the 68th District of Michigan a better place to live. Join me.

State House of Representatives

District: 75

I first became deeply involved in politics in April 2016. Bernie Sanders was truly an inspiration to start participating in politics. I joined the Green Party in August and worked as a volunteer for Jill Stein’s campaign in Kent County. Since the presidential election I have worked on growing the local chapter of the Green Party.

State Board of Education

A life-long Michigander, Sherry went to public schools in Detroit and rural Kent County.

The first in her family to go to college, she earned an Assoc. Arts at Grand Rapids Jr. College and a B.A. in Education from Michigan State University. Due to an alleged "teacher surplus," she instead worked for the Dept. of Social Services before earning her J. D. from Wayne State University law school. She was active in her children’s schooling, ran for school board in Ferndale and was elected to later local office.

She not only attends the State Board of Education meetings regularly, but also provides public comment. She is running because education is crucial to the general economy and to the personal economic status of each resident; Michigan's systems are failing both in too many ways.

Being a lawyer will make her an asset to the Board.

University of Michigan Board of Regents

Kevin Hogan Graves is a University of Michigan graduate in biochemistry and psychology. He is a scientist, teacher and has authored publications on his biochemical research.

County Commission

Grand Traverse County

Tom is an elected official and activist. Elected to a seat on the Grand Traverse Board of Commissioners in 2016. Northwest Michigan Environmental Action Council awarded Mair with Environmentalist of the Year - Golden Beaver Award for his avid work behind the scenes to protect and preserve the natural environment.

Tom, with the mentorship of Tom Shea and others, strives to do more and show others what can be accomplished with patience and perseverance. Currently, Mair is working to realign Brownfield Plans with focus on the natural environment including ridding blight & contamination, as well as turning brown into green and managing erosion & stormwater.

County Commission

Genesee County

District: 2

Gina Luster is a grassroots organizer and a co-founder of Flint Rising, a coalition of Flint residents, community groups and allies that have come together to ensure that local residents are building long-term power to deal with the consequences of the #FlintWaterCrisis.

She has nearly twenty years experience in managing as well as being an business owner and entrepreneur.

Gina has been featured in national media including CNN, PBS NOVA, two episodes of the FlintTown series on Netflix, and Norman Lear's American Divided, speaking out about the problems with Flint's water and with Michigan's Emergency Management of local governments.

County Commission

Kent County

District: 12

Hi, my name is Charlotte Aikens and I am running for Kent County Commission district 12. I have been a resident of Kent County for over 25 years. I have overcome many hardships over the years that have left me with a desire to give back to my community. As a single working mother, I achieved my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from GVSU. I have now been in the healthcare field for over 12 years which has given me a unique opportunity to get to know patients and their families on a personal level. What I have witnessed is that people are struggling to get the services they desperately need. Kent County residents are concerned with necessities like clean water, affordable housing, access to healthcare, mental health services, and public servants who care.

I first became politically active in 2015 when I got involved in the Bernie Sanders campaign. I admired his sincerity and steadfast message of the vast wealth inequality that exists in one of the richest nations on earth. I had never considered myself to be a politician, but he inspired and urged his supporters to run for local office, so I accepted the challenge. I recognize that each of us alone cannot fix everything that is wrong with society, but I am eager and anxious to be part of the solution. I also desire to keep residents both informed and engaged in their local government. If elected I promise that I will always put people before profits, families before corporate interests, and basic human rights will be priority in every decision I am faced with.