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Re: Q

By: Roger Nye | Published: 2/19/2020

A Recent Q PostA Recent Q Post


Q (a.k.a. "QAnon") is a psyop closely tied to POTUS; it is probably a team of people working out of the White House Communications Office or some similar bureau. Although Q has made some claims that are demonstrably untrue, some of them may have been aimed at causing certain events to occur. Other posts may (or may not) contain coded messages. On the whole, I would say that monitoring Q is highly important for anyone wishing to have a handle on what is going on in the current administration. It is sometimes almost as enlightening to understand what they WANT us to believe as it is to have the incontrovertible facts. (Back in the days of the Soviet Union, you may be sure that "Sovietologists" read Pravda and Izvestia for just that reason, no matter that they were totally aware of those publications' being propaganda outlets.)


The fact that I MONITOR Q does not make me a Q "FOLLOWER." When Q engagingly tells people to think critically, wake up and stop being sheep, I can only agree wholeheartedly. Of course, that very caveat applies to information presented by Q itself, as well as by any other medium. It is arguable that by repeatedly creating expectations that our salvation (the "Great Awakening") is just around the corner, Q is actually trying to keep DJT's sympathizers quiescent as their man makes outrageous statements and policy decisions while slow-walking his avowed mission of "draining the swamp" in D.C. I won't deny that many people take Q very seriously--TOO seriously, in my estimation. But this source often provides some real food for thought, when considered judiciously.


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