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GP-MI Officer Positions

By: Daniel Martin-Mills | Published: 2/16/2020




 Note: this article is only presented to GP-MI members. 

 GP-MI Officer Positions







Social network

Committee Manager



Communications Officer



Elections Coordinator



Locals Liaison



Meetings Manager


Group success

Membership Manager


Box trolley

Merchandise Manager


Piggy Bank



Puzzle pieces

Ways and Means Manager


Web Steward


Note: this article is only presented to GP-MI members.


According to our Bylaws, Each spring, the GP-MI holds elections of officers at its first Statewide Membership Meeting (SMM). Elected officials serve for a one-year term.

You are encouraged to nominate yourself for office positions that you are willing to fill, and to nominate others for offices that you think they are willing and able to fill.

Experience, high IQ, excess discretionary time and money are not prerequisites. The most important candidate qualities are honesty, integrity, initiative, and a willingness to work with the entire range of personalities found in our society and in the GP-MI.?

Each position has its special set of expectations. For details, you can contact previous office holders and look at the description of responsibilities in the proposed* GP-MI Handbook and Operations Manual, (aka the Handbook).

For your convenience, clicking on the images above load current wording from the Handbook regarding these official roles.

Our candidates depend upon the GP-MI for assistance with information, planning, and tangible resources. We can provide these needed services through a coordinated and efficient network of volunteers. We depend on you to help make this dream a reality.

Please attend the Spring SMM in Grand Rapids and bring a friend! Nominate yourself and others for official roles through our website or at the meeting.

Thanks, on behalf of the GP-MI!


*There is no 'Official' Handbook, although the bylaws refer to it as if it exists. The document that the bylaws refers to is found here: GP-MI Handbook

An ad hock committee was formed at the Spring 2019 SMM and tasked with composing a document that could then be considered and approved.

Please don’t allow yourself to be deceived. The GP-MI still does not have a ‘Handbook’. The office descriptions and other policy statements are unofficial and subject to blocking concerns at the next SMM. 


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