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Ways and Means Manager

By: Daniel Martin-Mills | Published: 2/16/1970

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 Ways and means manager


The Green Party being a relatively small political party compared to the two parties of the duopoly and since the party and candidates take no PAC or major corporate contributions we must look elsewhere to achieve the goals of getting the public educated on the party's principles and funds and exposure for our candidates.

The Ways and Means Manager is an integral part of the support efforts for the candidates and the party. As the title implies: The Ways and Means Manager seeks actions (Ways) and systems (Means) to those ends. The Ways and Means Manager does not focus entirely to fundraising for Party and Candidates. It goes much further than funding. It also goes to recognition. Basically, the task is to make recommendations on matters of raising revenue and education about the Green Party.

The Ways and Means Manager shall coordinate efforts in innovative ways as well as traditional methods to achieve the ultimate goals assigned to the position. These can be accomplished through direct efforts between the Manager, the other Green Party officers (especially including the Locals Liaison, Treasurer, and the Membership Manager) as well as the membership in general. The scope that any plan to raise awareness of the Party and raising of funds is a large undertaking that must involve, at times, many GP-MI members and locals. There should be available a direct line of communication via the Locals Liaison to all the locals on plans of actions to make funds and to, at the same time, be as cost effective as possible. It is also crucial that the Ways and Means Manager provide the Membership Manager with timely emails on plans to be sent out to the membership. The Ways and Means Manager should also work with the Treasurer to see that any funds raised through the intention of raising funds for the party in general or for candidates should be 'ear marked' accordingly so that these funds are kept track of in a proper manner and distributed as such.

The raising of funds may fall within one or both of two categories long term/ongoing or a one time event. If either of these are for the advancement of the party the funds will go into the general fund. If it is for candidates, it will go in a separate fund. The Manager will review any requests from Green Party candidates who are actively seeking election and submit to the SCC for approval. The 'Candidate Monetary Request Form' will be a document outlining all the pertinent information on the candidate and way the money will be used. The 'Form' shall be drawn up by a committee of three designated by the Manager and approved by the SCC. It is important that the Manager receives appropriate input from all state party candidates.

From time to time the Ways and Means Manager will need to send out marketing emails through the Membership Manager on projects and or events for either the party or for candidates. This may include a 'Meet the Party' presentation(s) at local events throughout the state.