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Membership Manager

By: Daniel Martin-Mills | Published: 2/16/1970

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 Membership Manager


The Membership Manager1 (MM) is the official source for all information regarding GP-MI membership. Any statements about the membership list are unofficial unless they come from the Membership Manage. Instructions for MM on using the web site can be found by taking this link: GP-MI Website - Membership Manager.


It is important to note that although the Membership Manager and the Web Steward can insert and update GP-MI membership information, they should refrain from doing so if possible. Typically, individuals will insert their own personal information after clicking the 'Join' button on the GP-MI website. They will then be able to update this information after logging in to the website. Expecting a GP-MI officer to make data changes on behalf of our members is to accept the risk that errors will be made. Officers may feel good about helping members with data entry, but this conditions them to rely on a central authority rather than to accept responsibility.


The MM has three primary responsibilities:

1.     Improving and maintaining the integrity of GP-MI membership data.

2.     Responding to members and other officers regarding membership data

3.     Sending notices to GP-MI members and others on behalf of the GP-MI

Note that organizing membership drives is not an explicit duty of the MM.




Since the GP-MI web application and Marketing Email system has replaced disconnected spreadsheets and Yahoo! Email, management tasks have become simpler. That said, improving the integrity of the membership data takes time and effort.


When email bounces back either from the MM officer email account or the Email Marketing account, the MM should go to the website and mark the record "Email Unknown". Then the MM should try to contact the member by phone or US Mail. The Membership Manager should ask them to create an account on the website and review/update all their personal information.


When US Mail is returned, the MM should click the "Bad Address" button for that member. ". Then the MM should try to contact the member by email or phone. The Membership Manager should ask them to create an account on the website and review/update all their personal information.


When members state that they wish to end their membership, the MM should save a comment in that member's profile data and then click to "Delete" them. The website instructions linked above show how to undelete a deleted member. (The MM can view deleted member data.)


Note: the MM should not delete members at the direction of anyone other than the exiting member or, in the case of death, the member's family or legal agent. This applies to other changes in the member's data. The MM should not change membership data at the direction of any officer or individual other than the affected member. Note that the website tracks changes to membership data along with time and person who made the change.




Note: There is uncertainty over exactly who can access GP-MI membership information. It was decided at the February 24, 2019 SMM in Grand Rapids that the information would not be shared with any outside person or organization. Since then some members insist that we should regularly update the GP-US, but no regulation has been cited and the mechanism for providing these updates has not been provided.


When someone joins or updates their personal information on our website, an automatic email notice goes to the MM, the Locals Liaison, and the contact person for any Local that includes the person's county. The member does not receive a notice. It is up to the MM to welcome the new member or to confirm the data change with a customized email that fits the purpose. Text templates are available to the MM for download from the website. The MM can add/update/replace these documents. We currently attach our by-laws and the 'There is a Difference' graphic to welcoming emails. All email from the MM should be sent via the official GP-MI account.


The MM has a special role at the State meetings. With the help of others, the MM should check people in before and during the meetings. The MM should prepare two membership lists before the meeting with the column for 'Date Joined' included. This is used to determine each member's voting privilege. Members who have been with us 60 days or more are given a green voting card. Otherwise, they get a white one, to be used if consensus allows them to vote.


The MM also maintains a sign-in list at the door. This is a feature on the GP-MI website. It collects attendee data that will be included with the meeting minutes. It has the added benefit of allowing members to quickly view and update their contact information.


The MM should coordinate with the Meeting Manager to provide stick-on name tags, pens and markers, paper, voting cards, extension cords, and anything else that might be helpful.?


The SMM and nominating convention are good times to solicit new members. The MM should have membership forms ready and keep a laptop and smart phone on the ready. Paper forms are recommended, but the MM should make doubly sure we can read what's been written on them. Data on the paper forms needs to be keyed into the Join page for it to become official. It should be done as soon as possible. It can be done without logging in by hitting the 'Join' button.


Special meeting registration forms should be used for conventions. A complete record of attendance should be maintained. There may be new members, visitors who are not members, speakers, presidential candidates, and members of the press. The registration forms should indicate whether or not the person is a member, and otherwise indicate the person's reason for attending the convention.


When a member is removed from the membership list, the Communications Manager, the State Central Committee, the Locals Liaison and the Local should be informed. If that person is also a member of any committee at the national level, the secretary of the national Steering Committee needs to be notified that the person is no longer a member of the party, so the person's name can be removed from the committee. This should be sent to secretary@gp.org. The secretary should be asked to notify any committee chairs as may be necessary.


Finally, the MM is expected to submit a report prior to each SMM to be included in the 'Packet' one month prior to each meeting. It may be convenient to use a previous MM report as a guide.




The MM typically handles the technicalities of launching bulk email ('Marketing Email') to the membership for upcoming meeting announcements, for fundraising campaigns, and for other of purposes of general interest. This is because the MM is the keeper of the official (most current/accurate) GP-MI membership list. Sharing the list via email is not secure and should be avoided. The GP-MI Marketing Email system tracks members who have clicked to 'unsubscribe' from our announcements, as required by law. A shared list may not contain that information. Other email systems such as Mail Chimp also include a button for users to 'unsubscribe'. But Mail Chimp does not share this information with the GP-MI. We need to avoid the situation where a member unsubscribes from GP-US email only to then receive more email from us! We have one membership list. We have one bulk email system. The Membership Manager is most familiar with both. The MM can view and download the list of unsubscribed members. When members unsubscribe from the GP-MI Marketing Email, that does not in itself warrant an end to U. S. Mail solicitations.


Any officer wishing to send bulk email on behalf of the GP-MI should provide a pdf file or text and image files, along with instructions on which members to target. The request could include its own email list, such as for people or businesses that might make contributions. Note that our Marketing Email system will not send to 'unsubscribed' members even if they are on a new list.


The MM works with the Treasurer on U.S. Mail solicitations3. The MM will produce the list for address labels and upload that to the Treasurer. When the Treasurer has printed the labels and other materials, the MM should help organize the tasks of preparing the batch of envelopes.





1.     MI-GP Bylaws Article V, Section 6: Membership Manager definition.

2.     The Membership Manager maintains the official GP-MI membership list, which includes members who have unsubscribed from our notifications list.

3.     MI-GP Bylaws Article V, Section 4: Treasurer definition.