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Meetings Manager

By: Daniel Martin-Mills | Published: 2/16/1970

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 Meetings Manager

The Meeting Manager1 (MM) is the official source for all information regarding GP-MI meetings. Any statement about the details of an upcoming meeting are unofficial unless they come from the Meeting Manager and are published to our website. Instructions for MM on using the web site can be found by taking this link: GP-MI Website - Meeting Manager.


The Meeting Manager is responsible for planning meetings, notifying the membership of upcoming meetings, and coordinating activities at the meetings.




The Meeting Manager schedules the dates and locations for State Membership Meetings (SMM's) and Nominating Conventions one year or more in advance.


The MM should solicit input from local groups and other GP-MI officers while preparing the meeting schedule. New local groups should be encouraged to consider hosting a meeting.


Geographic areas should be staggered within the schedule to convenience members from all around the State. This will also maximize GP-MI visibility. The MM may plan to meet in counties with no local group or registered members for this reason.


Planning for Nominating Conventions requires cooperation with the Elections Coordinator to assure that the procedures and timing of the Conventions meet election law requirements.


The Meeting Manager should consult the Treasurer before selecting a venue. Other officers and local group members should also contribute to the planning. An appropriate facility should include the following:


  •       Adequate space for seating
  •       Tables for sign-in/registration, refreshments, and for meeting materials
  •       Wi-fi
  •       microphones
  •       image projector and screen
  •       adequate electrical outlets
  •       dry-erase board or easel with paper and markers
  •       reasonable meeting room rate, as determined by the Treasurer




Meeting information should be published to the GP-MI website as soon as it is available. Many details will be unresolved for meetings that are several months away, but the MM should publish and update scheduling plans as they develop. For example, a Spring SMM may be planned for Colon, MI at some time in March with other details unresolved. In that case, the MM should publish that information with the statement that details will be included when they are available.


If the SMM schedule is not complete for the year ahead, the Meeting Manager should publish an article to the website that announces the need for hosts for the unassigned meeting, and request for help in filling the vacancies.


GP-MI Members should be notified of an upcoming SMM by email and/or US Mail at least 30 days2 before the meeting date. The notice should include:


  •       Details of the location and time of the meeting
  •       Contact information for a local member who will be ready to help with directions.
  •       Live-stream information with details on how members can participate remotely
  •       Other helpful information, such as driving directions, parking locations, nearby lodging, and restaurants in the area.


The notice should also include a link to the 'Packet' of material that will be referenced at the meeting. The Packet will have been uploaded to the GP-MI website. Packet materials for an SMM will contain the following items.


  •       The proposed agenda
  •       Reports by officers of activities and status updates since the previous SMM
  •       Reports from national committees
  •       Reports from caucuses
  •       The exact wording for any proposed changes to the GP-MI Bylaws.
  •       Other proposals that will be discussed and voted upon at the meeting
  •       Information about planned presentations or general business discussions.


Packet materials, except for proposed bylaws changes, may be revised or added to the Packet as the meeting date approaches. Copies of the packet should be printed prior to the SMM and placed in folders for distribution at the meeting. The number of copies should equal the number of members expected to attend.


The Meeting Manager should work with the Membership Manager to send out meeting notices. The Membership Manager will implement the GP-MI 'Marketing Email' system3. The Membership Manager will work with the Treasurer to send US Mail notices to members who cannot be reached by email. The Treasurer has the GP-US printer ready for this and other printing jobs.


The Meeting Manager should post a total of two articles on the website for each SMM. The first should include as much information about the upcoming meeting as possible, as soon as information is known. This article should be updated as more is known. The second article should be an accounting of what happened at the SMM. This should include links to the attendee list, video recording, minutes, and other pertinent information. This article should also be published as soon as possible after the SMM and updated as more information becomes available.





The MM should work with other officers and members to ensure the following objectives are met:


  •       Minutes of the meeting are recorded and published to the website. The Archivist typically handles these details.
  •       The meeting is video recorded and made available (only) to GP-MI members. The Archivist typically handles these details.
  •       The meeting is live-streamed with a means for members to participate remotely. The Archivist typically handles these details.
  •       Necessary supplies are on site. Typically, the Membership Manager brings these. They include:

o   Folders containing the Packet materials

o   Signs for directing members to the meeting

o   Name tags

o   Markers and pens

o   Current membership list that includes 'Member Since' information.

o   Sign in sheets

o   Membership forms

o   Cards for voting

o   Equipment and peripherals like extension cords

  •       Required material is posted4. This includes:

o   A list of Officers and National Delegates

o   A list of SCC representatives

o   A list of Committees and Committee Chairpersons

  •       Arrangements are made for beverages and refreshments.




The Meeting Manager should arrive at least 30 minutes early and begin preparations, which include

  •       Getting coffee ready
  •       Arranging tables, preferably in a 'U' shape
  •       Post signs for directions to the meeting
  •       Help set up the registration table
  •       Test that AV equipment and WiFi are working
  •       Post required materials.


The Meeting Manager or someone appointed by the MM should start the meeting on time by welcoming attendees and making announcements concerning:

  •       The location of rest room facilities and any other housekeeping details
  •       Where to sign in and/or register as a new GP-MI member
  •       The procedure for establishing voting credentials
  •       The location of posted materials
  •       The GP-MI Consensus Model
  •      The proposed meeting agenda


The MM should ask members to briefly introduce themselves by stating who they are and why they came.


The MM should ask for consensus on who will facilitate various parts of the meeting. Someone may be selected to preside over the proposal discussion/debate/decision portion, while someone else might facilitate the other agenda items. The facilitator may be the Meeting Manager.


Once the facilitator has been chosen, the agenda should be reviewed, revised, and adopted. Special attention should be paid to the needs of visiting guests or presenters.


After the agenda is formalized, the meeting can proceed in accordance with the GP-MI Consensus Model.




1      MI-GP Bylaws Article V, Section 7: Meeting Manager definition.

2      MI-GP Bylaws Article IX: Amendments may only be made at an SMM and require a 30-day


3      The Membership Manager maintains the official GP-MI membership list, which includes members who have unsubscribed from our notifications list.

4      MI-GP Bylaws Article V, Section 1B: Postings required at an SMM.