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Committee Manager

By: Daniel Martin-Mills | Published: 2/16/1970

Four PillarsFour Pillars

 Committee Manager


The Committee Manager has the following general responsibilities:

1. Oversight of the State Central Committee (SCC)

The SCC is the decision-making body of GP-MI between State Membership Meetings (SMM?s). The SMM is the supreme decision-making body.

The primary responsibilities of the Committee Manager for oversight of the SCC are included in the separate document in this Handbook entitled Manual for Operation of the GPMI State Central Committee, which is also part of this Handbook. The Committee Manager is the Administrator of the SCC, which includes the following responsibilities:

*       Inviting and assisting all members of the SCC to sign up on the listserv

*       Enforcement of Posting Guidelines

*       Providing all new members of the SCC with a digital copy of the Manual, and providing the new members with information to access the current list of members with their contact information.

*       Maintaining a current list of all SCC members, with their title or qualifying role for membership on the SCC, and an email address. A current list must be available to all members on the SCC.

*       Monitoring the status of proposals made in the committee, and providing the timeline for the decision-making process.

*       Handling the process by which voting on the SCC takes place

*       Including a report of the actions taken by the SCC in the Committee Manager report that is furnished for the State Membership Meetings (SMM's).

2. Oversight of the other standing and ad hoc committees. The three other present standing committees are the Media, Platform, and By-laws committees. The Committee Manager also serves as the administrator of any listserv available for committee use. Oversight includes keeping the list of members for each committee on the website up to date, compiling reports on the committee activities for each Statewide Membership Meeting (SMM), and assuring that the members of each committee have email contact information for the other members on their respective committees. The committee lists should also have contact information for the chairperson of each standing committee.

The following purposes and responsibilities for the standing committees were approved at an SMM in Grayling on September 26, 2015:

A) Platform Committee: The Platform Committee shall co-ordinate a proposed GPMI platform for at least every even-numbered year, as well as issue papers and positions, and submit them to the SCC for review and to an SMM for final approval. All Platform Committee members must be members of GPMI, expeditiously approved by the SCC or an SMM.

B) Media Committee: The Media Committee is delegated the SCC's authority to write and publicize press materials on GPMI's activities and policy positions and may speak to the media on behalf of GPMI. All press materials produced by the committee shall conform to GPMI's platform and other stated policy positions and shall not significantly extend those positions. All Media Committee members must be members of GPMI, expeditiously approved by the SCC or an SMM.

C) By-Laws Committee: The By-Laws Committee shall be responsible for maintaining the GPMI by-laws, including making any needed text changes that do not alter the content, meaning, or effect of the by-laws; reviewing proposed changes to the by-laws presented to it, and reporting on each such proposal to the SCC and to an SMM. It shall make the current bylaws available in hard copy at each SMM, and to all members and locals in at least one generally accessible non-proprietary electronic format. All By-Laws Committee members must be members of GPMI, expeditiously approved by the SCC or an SMM.

*Minimum requirements for serving on other standing and adhoc committees:

1. Be a member in good standing.

2. Make a commitment to participate in the committee meetings and the work to be performed by the committee.

The individual committees may adopt other reasonable requirements for membership on their respective committees.

3. Making recommendations for necessary amendments to the Handbook for any of the duties and responsibilities of the Committee Manager as well as recommendations for changes to the any of the information for operation of the standing committees.

4. Updating files on the website relating to committee members and functions.

Instructions on how to use the web application can be found by taking this link: GP-MI Website_- Committee Manager. That linked document is a part of this Handbook. As the website evolves, that document is revised. The Websteward is responsible for keeping that document current in consultation with the Committee Manager. All questions, comments, bug reports, and suggested site improvements are directed to the Web Steward: websteward@migreenparty.org

It is important that the lists of committee members be up to date, as the Meeting Manager is responsible for posting a current list of the various committees at each State Membership Meeting.

Operation of Standing and Ad Hoc Committees

Each Committee selects a chairperson who is responsible for seeing that the committee carries out its duties and responsibilities. The committee may determine how and when it meets or communicates online in order to carry out its business. It the committee uses a listserv the Committee Manager acts as an administrator of the list together with the chairperson of the committee. Any new documents or reports prepared by the committees are forwarded to the Committee Manager for proper inclusion on the website or in reports.

*Article V, Section 2 of GPMI bylaws: 'Rules for membership on specific committees are

contained in the Handbook.'