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By: Daniel Martin-Mills | Published: 2/16/1970

Four PillarsFour Pillars


The Chairpersons* are the official representatives of the GP-MI to the world outside. The chairpersons are also key to maintaining smooth operation of the GP-MI. This will consist of submitting status reports and updates to the website or at a State Membership Meeting (SMM), participating on the State Central Committee (SCC), and may include preforming tasks that other officers would ordinarily complete if they are unavailable. Much of the Chairperson?s interaction within the GP-MI will happen through the GP-MI website. Instructions for using the website as a Chairperson can be found by taking this link: Website-Chairpersons.




As the GP-MI representative to the public, the Chairpersons should respond to all phone calls, emails and other communications within 48 hours of their receipt. If the Chairpersons are unable to immediately provide requested information or material, the Chairpersons should respond by explaining the difficulty while also promising to follow up by finding whatever information is required. Requests for information or materials that are not for public consumption should be answered with the reason for the denial. The Chairpersons should document all official correspondence and make this information available to the GP-MI in reports to the SMM and through the GP-MI website. Official GP-MI email accounts should be used exclusively for all official email correspondence. The Chairpersons should not use personal email accounts for GP-MI business.

The chairpersons are responsible for communicating to the national Secretary and national committee co-chairs, the election of the delegates and representatives that are made during the annual meeting after the elections are made. The chairpersons should also forward to the appropriate standing committee or the national Secretary, any proposals made by GPMI that require handling at the national level. They are also responsible for timely reporting to the SCC any information received from the public or the national party that may affect the operation of the GPMI or any members of GPMI.

Because the SCC is important to the efficient operation of the party, special duties are assigned to the chairpersons in the event that the Committee Manager for any reason is not performing duties necessary to the operation of the SCC. At the request of three members of the SCC, the chairpersons may be requested to review the state of enforcement and maintenance of the SCC and assume responsibilities or assist in the administration of the SCC as required in the Manual for Operation of the SCC. [Link to the manual should be provided here.]

The Chairpersons should decide between themselves how their own responsibilities will be allocated.





*MI-GP Bylaws Article V, Chairpersons definition.