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By: Daniel Martin-Mills | Published: 2/16/1970

Four PillarsFour Pillars



The Archivist is the official resource for information regarding all GP-MI historical records. The Archivist collects and organizes assets that are determined to have a long-term value and provides access to them for authorized members. The archived material may be digital files but may include physical objects, documents, and recordings.

The Archivist uploads all digital files to our website. The descriptions and the locations of all archived physical objects are also saved to our website, as are links to archived videos. ?Instructions for using the web site as the Archivist can be found by taking this link: GP-MI Website_Archivist.

The Archivist may search for material that is to be archived, and material may be offered through the website or through email. But certain material is archived automatically and will require little or no action from the Archivist. For example, bylaws changes, SMM attendance lists, and SCC Forum files are automatically saved and cataloged when they are entered on or uploaded to our website.

The Archivist has three primary responsibilities:

1.    Collecting and organizing GP-MI material that has historical significance.

2.    Improving and maintaining the integrity and accessibility of the GP-MI archive.

3.    Providing authorized GP-MI members with information about, and access to archived material.



Archive material has traditionally been saved to and shared from multiple locations. These include personal computer drives, online blog sites, and local residences. Finding these repositories can require some persistence. Valuable resources may be discovered within a trove of items that have no enduring value. The Archivist should expect to spend time searching the Internet and conversing with long-time members for clues. And then more time for follow up investigation will be required. In the future, the Archivist will likely spend less time deliberately searching for material, but that is currently not the case.

Once located, digital files or descriptions of physical objects should be uploaded to our website, as specified in the instructions linked above. The Archivist will describe, categorize, and cross-reference the material so that it can be located quickly.



The Archivist should routinely monitor the archive and take note of changes. Copies of the same resource should be resolved. Recently added cross referencing categories may be assigned to material that was previously archived.

The Archivist should not remove material from the archive without consent from all the other GP-MI officers. There is actually little reason to remove material that has already been categorized. It adds nothing to storage costs, and will not hinder searching that is done over multiple fields such as date range, author and file name, and more than a dozen cross-referencing categories. Of course duplicated entries should be resolved.



Every GP-MI member has access to our website's archive feature. However, they may be unaware of it, or they may need help using it. The Archivist should be ready to help with general or specific requests for archived material.

It is possible that a member will request something that the Archivist cannot immediately produce. It this case, the Archivist should explain the difficulty and then vow to find it. The Archivist may ask to enlist the requesting member's help with the endeavor. The Archivist should make an entry in the web application with as much detail about the missing item, along with a comment that it is missing and being sought.

As with other GP-MI officers, all email from the Archivist should be sent via the official GP-MI account: archive@migreenparty.org, in accordance with the resolution at the February 24, 2018 SMM in Grand Rapids, and for many practical reasons.

Finally, the Archivist is expected to present the Archivist's Report, to be included as part of the SMM ?Packet? to the GP-MI membership 30 days before each meeting. Information about data updates and missing items should be stated in the report.