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Presidential Processes -- Update

By: John Anthony La Pietra | Published: 1/12/2020

NOTE:  I've created a single PDF file which contains all the original attachments to this e-mail.  The link below should take you to that file.  If I can't link that file to this article, I'll try to post it elsewhere on this site.
Subject:     [MIGreensSCC] GPMI 2020 Presidential Processes -- Update
Date:     Sat, 11 Jan 2020 21:02:59 -0500
From:     MeetingManager jalp [MIGreensSCC]
Organization:     Green Party of Michigan
To:     YahooGroup address for MI Greens State Central Committee , MI Greens Communications (was Media) Committee
CC:     Eric Borregard -- Elections Co-ordinator/GPMI , Darryl Gibson (GPMI Membership Manager) , Jennifer Kurland (GPMI Communications Manager)

The primary attachment is a status report on those processes about which I corresponded with Rita Jacobs in September and presented October 12 to the SMM in Redford. I'm also attaching these other files as support information for the update:

* An updated list of candidates for the Green nomination for President,
with the status of each contacted campaign's response(s) to the initial
messages about our proposed "virtual meeting" -- and including new
contact information resulting largely from campaign responses.

* Three versions of a draft ballot for a straw poll of GPMI members, to
cast IRV-/RCV-style votes for their preferences among Green Presidential
candidates. (The versions vary depending on which types of candidates,
with which response status, are included on the ballot; write-in spots
are included, however.)

* An initial draft of 2020 state convention rules, with date information
highlighted. (Dates are also the biggest changes so far from
previous-year versions of the draft rules.)

* And, for reference, the seven-page PDF of my September correspondence
with Rita on this subject -- which was a handout at the October SMM.

John Anthony La Pietra

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