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REMINDER: SMM Saturday in Redford!

By: John Anthony La Pietra | Published: 10/12/2019

map to Redford Jaycees Hall
map to Redford Jaycees Hall
Meeting Notice (with updates through end of day Sat 10-05)
The Green Party of Michigan (GPMI) will hold its next statewide membership meeting (SMM):
9am~5pm on Saturday, October 12 at the Redford Jaycees Hall; 15585 Beech Daly Road; Redford, MI (48239 or 48240)
The agenda and packet are now both edition #3. I'd said I'd put in both all the info I got by noon Friday; in fact, I waited until midnight.
The livestream link will be at this channel:
Holiday Inn Express on Schoolcraft off I-96 in Livonia is suggested as the “closest/best lodging”; there are “local restaurants & pizza nearby (walking or driving) with veggie options.” We still need volunteers to serve as facilitator, timekeeper, stacker, notes-taker, peacekeeper, videographer, and livestream liaison. And we have offices to fill: self-identified male Co-Chair; 1-2 At-Large SCC Representatives; 1 male GP-US National Committee alternate; 1 Web Steward; & maybe State Central Committee administrative help.
John Anthony La Pietra, Meeting Manager
OR if problems, personal e-mail:  
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Table of Contents of Packet
(see meeting links on home page)
page 1:  Meeting Notice [revised for this edition]
page 2:  Agenda [revised for this edition]
pages 3~6:  Consensus Procedure
pages 7~13:  By-Laws
pages 14~15:  Minutes
Reports Received
pages 16~17, 18~31:  Officer Reports [Archivist; Membership Mgr; Mtg Mgr (updated); Web Stewards]
pages 17, 32~39:  Other GPMI Reports [Election Support Committee, Platform Committee]
page 17:  GP-US Committee Reports [Animal Rights Committee, Platform Committee]
pages 40~50:  Written Proposals [Jessicia Venture, Amy Slepr, and Darryl Gibson; (Jim Becklund =>) Dan Martin-Mills; Dan Martin-Mills; Rita Jacobs]
pages 51~57:  Material for Discussion Sessions [notes on 2020 Presidential processes (references highlighted)]
pending: Lists of SCC & Standing Committee Members 
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