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ALERT -- Fall 2019 SMM Approaching!

By: John Anthony La Pietra | Published: 8/29/2019

This is an alert about the upcoming Statewide Membership Meeting in Redford on October 12.

Today marks two weeks -- 14 days -- before the 30-day deadline for an official notice to all members.  That means everyone who is expected to have a report -- or other information related to the SMM (on directions, food, lodging, Livestream link, etc.) -- in the packet accompanying that notice has until the end of the day on Thursday, September 12 to prepare the info and get it to me.  I hope to receive all information required for that "30-day notice packet" safely before the deadline -- so a complete packet can be attached to the notice as well as posted on the Website by the deadline.  (I will try to post updates on the contents of the packet as new or updated information comes in.)

Thanks to a by-laws amendment adopted at the previous SMM in Mount Pleasant, it also means that locals have two *days* left -- until this Saturday, August 31 -- to send in their reports to the Locals Liaison six weeks before the SMM.  (Note that no similar requirement was imposed on identity caucuses, who do not have a particular officer to compile their reports for an SMM packet.  I would encourage caucuses to send reports to me, and ask Locals Liaison Amy Slepr to let us know if she would like to get them too and try to include them with her report on locals.)

I'm attaching a very preliminary draft agenda.
It's based on the general format that seemed to work pretty well last time -- though one big reason we got through so much business then may be that we didn't have anyone giving presentations in the lunchtime and afternoon timeslots "budgeted" for them.  If the suggesters of those topics want to amend or drop their suggestions, please speak up; likewise if anyone wants to suggest new topics -- or propose adding, dropping, or changing any other items listed in the draft agenda.

It's also time for me to start collecting volunteers for the key process roles:  facilitator (and maybe co-facilitator as needed); timekeeper; stacker; notes-taker; peacekeeper; videographer; and what Darryl Gibson is suggesting be called a "livestream liaison" (and what I thought last time might be called "remote/electronic attendance liaison").  If you're willing to help in any of these roles for all or part of the meeting, please let me know ASAP.

And it's time again for me to ask for volunteers to host our upcoming 2020 SMMs.  As I hope you know, Detroit has been selected to host the GP-US Presidential Nominating Convention July 9-12 at Wayne State University.  Many Michigan Greens will be busy helping to prepare for and hold that event; I urge you to consider when and where we should be holding our state meetings around that -- and whether you'd be willing to help your area or your caucus host an SMM in February/March and/or May/June.

My thanks to all who read this message -- and especially to all who participate in these meetings!

John Anthony La Pietra -- Meeting Manager
   (if you have problems reaching me there, use this personal address instead:)
John Anthony La Pietra
611 N Linden St
Marshall, MI  49068
   (269) 781-9478
   personal:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013354926651
   campaign:  https://www.facebook.com/jalp4thePeople/

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