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Upcoming Meetings

By: John Anthony La Pietra | Published: 5/22/2019

The GPMI "vignette" -- no longer seen on Michigan ballots. . . .
GPMI's next statewide membership meeting (SMM) will be:

Saturday, June 29
at the *Tribal Ops Building*
*7070 East Broadway Road*
Mount Pleasant
(ZIP 48858, in case that helps with direction-finding)

Amy Slepr and the Central Michigan Greens have reserved the room from *9am to 5pm*.  My thanks for their efforts in finding a more affordable venue.

The agenda is yet to be determined; I ask anyone who has items for the agenda to please contact me ASAP.  I will work with other officers as appropriate to have a pre-meeting draft agenda sent out and posted 30 days before the meeting -- that is, by May 30 -- along with the more formal/official meeting notice.

Please send me any officer reports and other packet materials by May 30 if at all possible, so I can include them in the posted pre-meeting packet.  If you can, please send PDF or plain text or both.  If I get something late, I will try to get it into the packet and/or the advance agenda -- but the later something gets to me, the less likely either is.  (If you know you have some information an officer needs for their report, please get it to them ASAP.)

Amy previously said the Comfort Inn was offering attendees a $40 discount per night for overnight guests (on Friday and Saturday nights only). That's likely not true any more if we're not meeting there -- though the light Continental breakfast may still be included.

I hope to have information soon on other possibilities for food and lodging -- as well as how GPMI members will be able to access and take active part in the meeting electronically, and what if any associated political actions or social events may be in preparation for around the edges of the SMM itself.

* [=======] * [=======] * [=======] *

The by-laws say the Meeting Manager "shall arrange state membership meetings and nominating conventions, and provide a yearly schedule of these by date and region."  Here is my best update available right now.

* Fall 2019:  Wayne County Greens planning to host; re-checking five possible dates:

October 12
November 2, 9, 16, 23

If you know of reasons to pick or avoid a particular date, please let me know.

* Holiday (fall/winter) 2019:  Some ideas have been suggested on how to hold a "virtual meeting" (sometime around but avoiding the fall/winter holidays) to let all members hear from Presidential candidates or campaigns without anybody having to travel.  FCC and Zoom are two services people have mentioned, and I think there may have been others that I'm not finding at the moment.  Whatever we use to do this, volunteers to help us do it would be welcome.  (At one point I suggested that the Media Committee might be one plausible substitute for a host local, but I've heard no reaction to that idea.)

* First meeting of 2020:  Nobody has yet volunteered to host this meeting, AFAIK, though Robin Laurain said she would talk with the West Shore Greens about it.  It would be the time for electing officers -- and possibly delegates and alternates for the GP-US national nominating convention.  Also at this meeting, we should either complete or at least kick off our process of finding out who our members prefer that our delegation support.  (In past years this has been done via a straw poll in one or more media, in IRV/RCV format since that also lends itself to tallying approval votes and top choices only.)  The national convention is not yet scheduled, but GP-US has expressed an early preference for middle to late June.  If we don't select and instruct our delegation at this first meeting of the year, we'd have to either (1) hold another meeting (possibly our state convention) by May or early June; or (2) find another way of finalizing the selection and instruction before the national convention.

* 2020 GPMI nominating convention:  There has been some general discussion about where and when this should be -- including suggestions of Jackson, Lansing, and Ypsilanti.  However, the only active volunteering I remember seeing so far was Tom Mair saying Traverse Bay Watershed Greens would be interesdted in hosting the convention sometime in May, June, or July but not the last weekends in May (Memorial Day) or July (too close to the August primary, which is the deadline for our nominations by statewide convention or county caucus).
    As noted above, an earlier state convention could give us more of a second chance to finalize our selection of and guidance to GPMI's delegation to the national convention.  Then, too, it would mean we nominate multi-county candidates earlier -- and leave time for local Greens time to hold nominating caucuses at the county level.  I hope that the renewed activity of locals will mean more county caucuses and more Greens on ballots for local offices.  But I would prefer to consult with everyone now on the earlier-or-later-convention question, rather than impose my own personal preferences.

* [=======] * [=======] * [=======] *

The by-laws also require the Meeting Manager to "keep track of and deliver supplies for SMMs and conventions, including AV equipment."  I renew my request to anyone who has meeting supplies (folders, name badges, big white notetaking pads, etc., etc., etc.) or AV equipment to please let me know ASAP.

My thanks again to everyone for their help with this effort to catch up to where we need to be on planning our upcoming state-party meetings.

John Anthony La Pietra
Green Party of Michigan
   Meeting Manager
   personal e-mail
(NOTE:  If you want to write me about a GPMI meeting, please try my officer e-mail address first -- and only use my personal e-mail address if you have problems reaching the officer e-mail.)
611 North Linden Street
Marshall, MI  49068
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