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Green Party of Michigan Calls for Support for Embassy Protection Collective

By: Jennifer Kurland | Published: 5/16/2019

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Green Party members currently protecting the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington D.C.


(DETROIT, MI – 05/16/2019) As Green Party members are leading the charge to protect the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington D.C. from attempted regime change, the Michigan Green Party stands with them in solidarity.  The Embassy Protection Collective, including members of the United States Green Party’s Peace Action Committee, has been occupying and holding the Embassy space from members of the Guaido coup.  With authorization from the democratically elected Maduro government, these brave activists have been living in the building while members of the Guaido coup have worked to cut power and water to the building, and with support from federal authorities have surrounded the building preventing anyone from delivering them food and water.  Just this week, they were able to hold back federal authorities from entering the building by reminding them that such an act would be a violation of the Vienna convention, and as such, be a declaration of war.


The Green Party of Michigan has signed on to a declaration of support of the legitimate government of Venezuela’s rights under the Vienna Convention and encourages all citizens to do the same.  We the people must stand up against our own government’s attempt at regime change in Venezuela and around the world.  Anyone interested in sharing their support can do so at this link:

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