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Cliff's GREEN Riffs - NO to charter schools and Run for Office with the Green Party!

By: Jennifer Kurland | Published: 4/21/2019


Cliff Yankovich - MI-GP Officeholder

Cliff Yankovich - MI-GP Officeholder

Take a moment to watch Cliff Yankovich of the Lowell City Council as he gives his take on why public schools are the best choice for Michiganders. His special video message includes an appeal to run for office as a Green - "If Cliff can do it, so can you!" In the special video message, Cliff explains why public schools are better equipped to teach our children and serve our communities. Say NO to charter schools and don't forget to visit Cliff's blog, where he talks about a wonderful experience enjoying young people contributing to the arts with a brilliant production of the classic tale Mary Poppins. After you watch the video, you can read more at Cliff's Riffs


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