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The Team, The Team, The Team

By: Jim Becklund | Published: 4/11/2019

The Team

      The Team, The Team, The Team

          Bo Schembechler, one of college football’s greatest coaches, when trying to inspire his young athletes before a game once said that the game is all about “the team, the team, the team.” The same applies to many aspects of our lives. This also applies to the Green Party of Michigan.

            We are more than individuals. We are a team that believes in certain principles and key values. We all support these key values and as a group, we must work as a single cohesive unit to further what we believe in. No individual can possibly do what we can do as a united group. No one person’s ideas can succeed in this great big political world. Yet as a group we can eventually accomplish great things. Don’t get me wrong. The individual and his/her ideas are important to the whole. Even the newest and most inexperienced member can have ideas that will help the Party grow. The energy and enthusiasm of a newbie can inspire “the team.” They as well as the longtime more experienced members working together can inspire us to do things we may have thought to be improbable.

            As a third party, we have many obstacles to overcome. We must think of possibly unorthodox ways to inspire ourselves and others and bring new members into the fold. We must struggle against the two main political parties that hold sway over 40+% of the electorate. We have brave principles and brave platforms. Let’s now take the brave steps to encourage each member to participate and let their voices be heard. After all, we are the party of grassroots representation. The ideas for the Party to grow and prosper can come equally from every member.

            We must never be mired in our own restrictions. Maybe longtime members have the knowledge and experience, but new members, no matter how long they have been in the Party, can have a huge amount of drive and enthusiasm. Let’s let them and encourage them to bloom. You never know what they may be capable of doing. 

            The GPMI has officers and committees responsible for specific duties. It is important that they do their tasks to inspire others to aspire to higher goals. These goals being growing the membership and growing the number of candidates who run and win offices at all levels of local, county, and state. After all, we are essentially a team working together for a common purpose. Our "journey" has been and will be a long one but our resolve is strong.  

            With great leadership and beneficial mentoring, planning and execution we can grow, prosper and have a presence on the political field. To succeed we must be a team made up of all types of individuals and ideas working together as—“The Team.”      

-Jim Becklund-