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Capitol Area Greens Speaker Series

By: Jim Becklund | Published: 4/8/2019

Dario Hunter
Dario Hunter


Capitol Area Greens Speaker Series 2019

            As the 2019- 2020 election cycles begin, the Capitol Area Greens are looking forward to having a series of speakers at our monthly meetings. We want to focus on Green Party candidates, at all levels, and issues important to Greens across our great state of Michigan.

            The issues are many and hopefully the Green Party candidates will be also. Every candidate is important to the growth of the party and our representation at all levels of government. From the local, state and national level we welcome these candidates to speak to Green Party members and any Green Party potential members.

            Our first speaker will be at our April 28th meeting in Lansing. See our website www.capitolareagreens.org for details on times and location. We will be welcoming Dario Hunter, potential Green Party candidate for President in 2020. Mr. Hunter has announced he has thrown his hat into the ring for nomination at the Green Party National Nomination Conference. He is a former Michigan resident and a member of the Ohio Green Party. Everyone is welcome to come and hear Dario speak. We would like to send out a general invitation to any and all Green Party candidates to speak in the future.

            We also hope to have speakers from organizations who hold our values of Grass Roots Democracy, Social Justice, Peace, and Ecology. Groups like “We Walk for Water,” involved in the Line 5 protests, and Voters Not Politicians, involved in the redistricting of Michigan’s legislative districts have shown interest in speaking. We have an open invitation is groups who feel as we do about the current political and ecological state of the world.

             We have several field trips. We have been invited by the Dewitt High School Creative Leadership Class to participate in a day-long event in which all political groups will come out and talk to Dewitt students in an effort to get youth more involved in politics and current events. This will happen sometime in April or May.  For our July "social meeting" we will be doing a BBQ with the Central Michigan Greens. Details to follow and everyone is invited.        

-Jim Becklund-






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