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Important Info for the First SMM of the Year

By: Paul Homeniuk | Published: 1/31/2019


Click here to nominate officers, delegates, or committee members

Click here to nominate officers, delegates, or committee members

To: All Members of the Green Party of Michigan

Subject: Current Vacant Officer Positions and Election of New Officers at Our Meeting in March


Dear Members of the Green Party of Michigan,

We elect officers for the upcoming year at our first state-wide membership meeting in the spring. This meeting will be held on March 16 in Muskegon. Click here for details of the Spring SMM. 

In the interim we have had some vacancies occur. You may nominate yourself or another member to fill one of the present vacancies, or to be elected for a term when all the offices are filled at the regular election. Any member who is nominated by another must accept that nomination prior to being eligible to be approved by the membership as an officer for a full term at the meeting in March. You can submit your nomination by clicking the button on our website, (shown above) or by taking this link: Nomination to Office

Below, you can see what the nomination screen looks like, after selecting ‘GP-US Committee’. 

The nomination screen, after selecting ‘GP-US Committee’
The nomination screen, after selecting ‘GP-US Committee’
Annual Election of Officers

Presently the following offices are vacant:

  • ·         Meeting Manager,
  • ·         Communications Manager,
  • ·         Elections Manager,
  • ·         Merchandise and Office Manager, and
  • ·         Web Steward.

A list of all the offices to be filled in March, together with a brief description of the offices can be found here: List of Offices For a download, click here: List of Offices

All the officers elected must also serve on the SCC, and are expected to participate and vote on matters that require voting. Click here to download the SCC rules: SCC Rules

If you are a present officer and do not intend to seek election for another term, please try to nominate another member to run for the office you are vacating. If you intend to remain in the office and seek election to another term, please use the website or this link to nominate yourself Nomination of Officer Submitting the form will save to our database, and launch emails to the chairperson and to the nominee.  

The nominee will be able to accept/refuse the nomination by clicking the link at the bottom:

Email notice of nomination with link to reply
Email notice of nomination with link to reply


That link will load a page for the nominee to respond with a statement:


Response form to accept/refuse nomination

Response form to accept/refuse nomination 


Submitting this form will save the information to our database and send emails to the nominee and our chairperson.


Appointment of Representatives to Standing Committees of GP-US National Committee

Besides the election of officers as described above, we also appoint representatives to serve on various standing committees of the GP-US National Committee For pdf download, click here: GP-US Committees


Members approved for these appointments are not considered officers of the GPMI, but may upon request serve on the GPMI SCC by agreeing to be active on the SCC and to vote as needed on matters requiring voting. A list of the standing committees is attached, together with a brief description of the mission and duties of the committees. These committees offer an excellent opportunity for members to take part in the activities of the Green Party at the national level. Members are encouraged to use any special skills or knowledge they have to assist the committees in accomplishing their tasks. Further information about the committees may be found on the GP-US site at Not to be confused with the Standing Committees of the GP-MI..


Nominations of Officers 

If you are interested in serving as an officer, delegate, alternate delegate, or representative of the state party on a standing committee, please self-nominate and include a statement concerning your interest in the specific office or committee, and any special skills, experience, or knowledge you may have that are helpful to assisting in the work of the party or the committee. If you know you have been nominated for a position and wish to accept, please self nominate. This will send an email to the Char that confirms your interest in the role. The nomination page is here: Nomination to Office

The Officers info can be found here List of Offices.The list can be downloaded here List of Offices

The Committees info can be found by cliking here: Standing Committees of the GP-MI

Best Wishes,

Paul Homeniuk
Green Party of Michigan

(minor technical and editing assistance by Rita Jacobs and Dan Martin-Mills)