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GPMI Endorses Proposal 1

By: LuAnne Kozma | Published: 9/26/2018

GPMI endorses Proposal 1
GPMI endorses Proposal 1


September 26, 2018

Eric Borregard 

LuAnne Kozma, Communications Manager

Michigan Greens Endorse Proposal 1, Legalization of Marijuana

At its recent statewide membership meeting, the Green Party of Michigan formally endorsed statewide Proposal 18-1 to legalize and regulate marijuana. The party has supported similar proposals in the past.

Before voting to endorse Proposal 18-1, Greens discussed concerns about it, from confirming that smoking marijuana in public places will be regulated as smoking tobacco is now, to wanting to be sure individual growers will not be crowded out by multinational corporations.

Green Party candidates running for seats in the state house and senate are particularly supportive of the proposal.

Eric Borregard, of Webster Township, candidate for State Senator in the 22nd District, notes that the revenue from taxing legalized marijuana could go a long way toward improving state funding for roads and education.

John Anthony La Pietra, of Marshall, running for 63rd District State Representative, says "A major new medical-marijuana facility in my hometown of Marshall is an example of the good that can happen when we focus on beneficial use and regulation, not prohibition."

Wade Paul Roberts, of Wetmore, 38th State Senate District candidate, is a marijuana decriminalization proponent and strong advocate of industrial hemp production in Michigan. Roberts says if elected, "I pledge to protect the intent of the electorate regarding Prop 1-18, particularly the individual's right to grow, private possession and use by responsible adults."

Robin Lea Laurain, of Lansing, the Green candidate for 68th District 
State Representative, adds: "People who have convictions related only 
to possession of the substance or paraphernalia should have their 
records expunged."

"When prop 1 is passed in November," agrees Jessicia Smith, of Waterford, candidate for 14th Senate District, "we should look to expunge the past records of offenders."

After a statutory initiative passes, the governor cannot veto it, and any later changes to it can only be done by a 3/4 supermajority vote in both House and Senate.

The Green Party of Michigan has four candidates running for state senate and three candidates running for state house.

A list of Green candidates on the ballot in November can be found at:

Secretary of State website with official Proposal 18-1 ballot wording:

Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol ballot question committee:

For more information on the Green Party of Michigan, its values, and its 
platform -- and how you can get involved -- please visit the party's 
Website at, or the party's Facebook page.

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