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Forming a Women's Caucus

By: LuAnne Kozma | Published: 9/16/2018

Feminism is one of the 10 key values of the Green Party
Feminism is one of the 10 key values of the Green Party



Attention: Please disregard the email from the male chair asking all members to contact him to join the women's caucus. Only the women organize the women's caucus and only the women of the party are invited to join the GPMI Women's Caucus by your fellow women members. It was specifically discussed at the state membership meeting in Traverse City on September 15, 2018 that only women can organize a caucus for women, and that a reply to the male chair would not be acceptable. If you already tried to join the caucus by emailing the chair, please RSVP below instead to join the caucus.

As you know, Green Party values include feminism and grassroots democracy. What happened today was straight-up patriarchy.

Two women's caucuses were formed by GPMI women. At the State Membership Meeting on Saturday, it was decided to write to all party members inviting women members to join the Women's Caucus and merge the two. The Women's Caucuses that formed had two different sets of purposes. See below.

Members have been sent a corrected email asking them to sign up for the women's caucus by clicking a button that will go to the two female contacts for the two women's caucus formations.

The first caucus organized in 2017 by eleven women, six of whom met during the Grand Rapids state membership meeting in February 2018. They planned to submit paperwork and hold another meeting at the state membership meeting in Traverse City. However, another caucus formed with three other women who filed paperwork before the first group did. As planned, the initial group met and filed formation paperwork at the Traverse City state membership meeting.

Women's Caucus 1, (Contact person: Robin Laurain) purposes: 
• To uphold the key value of Feminism in the party 
• To serve as a support group for members who are being oppressed by patriarchy and other party members 
• To advance and increase female leadership in the state party and in participation in the party 
• To advocate for women and issues affecting women in Michigan and worldwide, including issues of war and peace, violence, sexism, racism, ageism, and other forms of oppression and human rights violations

Women's Caucus 2, (Contact person: Sherry Wells) purposes:

? Nationally, to support the re-introduction and passage of the Equal Rights Amendment
? To encourage women of this state to join the Green Party of Michigan and to be in its leadership
? To encourage female members of the Green Party of Michigan to run for local, federal and statewide office
? To join with other women's groups to achieve the objectives of equality and equity for all females.

The list of members will go to the two contact people, Robin Laurain and Sherry Wells. All caucus members will be added to a Women's Caucus list serve so that all can communicate with each other.

LuAnne Kozma 
Communications Manager