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By: Rita Jacobs | Published: 3/24/2021


WORKING ON SPECIAL COMMITTEES AT THE NATIONAL LEVEL – Applying for new appointments and renewal of existing appointment

There are a number of special standing committees at the national level that are staffed by members of the various state parties and national caucuses that are affiliates of the national Green Party (GPUS). Approval by the state party is required to serve on the committees. These appointments are handled annually by GPMI. Most of the committees will accept up to three members from each state party to serve on the committees. Most committees also allow observers. Membership on these committees allows you to become acquainted with members of other state parties, and learn more about the structure and work of the Green Party at the national level.

Listed below are the various committees that accept appointment of state party members with a brief explanation of each. You can obtain more information about the committees here on the GPUS website:   https://gpus.org/committees/ If you are interested in serving on one of these committees or wish to renew your membership for another year, please contact Rita Jacobs, Committee Manager (rjacobs@arq.net), and request an application. Appointments on these committees, including renewal of appointments for those already serving on committees, are made at the first State Membership Meeting of each calendar year, which this year will be on March 20.

ACCREDITATION COMMITTEE (AC) helps new state parties and caucuses become fully accredited members of GPUS. The committee also reviews and makes recommendations on requests to remove state parties or caucuses from accredited status.

ANIMAL RIGHTS COMMITTEE (ARC) provides education and advice on animal rights issues to Green candidates, committees and the public. They develop resolutions and position papers, propose GPUS platform amendments, and endorse legislation on animal rights issues. Preferred experience: a background in animal rights issues and support for the committee mission.
(established 3/27/2016)

ANNUAL NATIONAL MEETING COMMITTEE (ANMC) is primarily responsible for organizing GPUS annual meetings, including assisting the host city in planning, organization, and facilitation of each annual meeting, and conducting appropriate follow-up. Experience preferred: event planning, volunteer coordination, conducting meetings and workshops.

Banking and Monetary Reform Committee (BMRC)  will provide educational materials to Green Party members and Green Party candidates, draft Green Party position statements and press releases with respect to pending or new legislation or events affecting banking and monetary systems, propose platform amendments when deemed necessary to support Green monetary policy, endorse organizations that advocate banking and monetary reform that agree with the Green Party policy and values, and promote actions advocating banking and monetary reform.
(established 12/12/2018)

BALLOT ACCESS COMMITTEE (BAC) works to assist Greens in achieving ballot access through petitioning, lobbying, and legal initiatives. BAC works in conjunction with state and local parties, Green candidates, outside organizations, and other GPUS committees and in coalition with national and regional ballot access efforts to expand ballot access opportunities for Greens. Preferred experience: involvement in ballot access campaigns, familiarity with variation in requirements in different states, history of election law.

BYLAWS, RULES, POLICIES AND PROCEDURES COMMITTEE (BRPP) supports the development of bylaws, rules, policies and procedures which serve the growth and development of the Party, and which do not conflict with the Ten Key Values. Preferred experience: familiarity with GPUS rules and platform, patience and attention to detail.

DISPUTE RESOLUTION COMMITTEE (DRC) is charged with providing mediation and arbitration services for intraparty disputes. The DRC is a two-tiered committee, involving a DRC Administration Committee and the DRC Mediator/Arbiter Panel. The committee is active only when hearing disputes, but remains standing between engagements. Preferred experience: mediation, counseling, interpersonal communication.

DIVERSITY COMMITTEE works toward a Green Party that reflects the diversity of the United States, raises issues of diversity to the Green Party National Committee and the Green Party at large, and develops strategies to address and redress issues of diversity, in order to create a political community where all are welcomed, respected and encouraged to participate at all levels. Preferred experience: members of oppressed communities, outreach and party growth work.

ECO-ACTION COMMITTEE helps organize Greens for local and national events and campaigns to protect and promote ecological wisdom and sustainability, and develops position papers and proposals on sustainability issues. Preferred experience: environmental activism, background in life sciences, sustainability design, policy, practice.

FINANCE COMMITTEE (Fincom) oversees the financial activities of GPUS, serves as the financial advisor to the Steering Committee, prepares the annual GPUS budget and supporting narrative (annual report), coordinates with Fundraising and Merchandise committees, and promotes compliance with and proposes amendments to the GPUS Fiscal Policy. Fincom appointments must be approved by the National Committee. Preferred experience: accounting, financial reporting and compliance, campaign finance, fundraising.

FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE (Funcom) oversees the solicitation and management of donations to support the operation of the party, partners with GPUS committees and caucuses in joint fundraising efforts, tracks and reports income, proposes and evaluates fundraising campaign strategies, and produces budget projections and narrative to support the GPUS budgeting process. Preferred experience: small donor political fundraising, nonprofit fundraising, marketing and communication skills.

GREEN PAGES EDITORIAL BOARD: Green Pages is the official GPUS publication of record, covering news of the party and news affecting Green parties, sharing successes of the party and information to make the party stronger. It also provides a credible information vehicle for communication and alliance building with media, academics and social movements. Required experience: journalism, writing, editing, graphic design.

INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE (IC) fosters collaboration and exchange with Green parties around the world, facilitates official GPUS representation on the international and global level, and facilitates GPUS international and global issue and policy development. Preferred experience: excellent communication skills, multilingual fluency, ability to travel internationally.
(established 7/30/2001)

MEDIA COMMITTEE facilitates the development and implementation of a comprehensive media strategy for the party, aiming to achieve maximum coverage of GP in national press and social media, and coordinates with and supports state and local GP media persons/committees in achieving maximum GP coverage. Preferred experience: journalism, communications, social media, web development, graphic design.

MERCHANDISING COMMITTEE (Merchcom) designs, creates, promotes, and distributes merchandise for GPUS, including clothing, literature, and other items. The committee’s purpose is to create awareness and enhance the image of the Green Party through merchandise, as well as to provide useful materials for state parties, and to create a revenue stream for GPUS. Preferred experience: graphic design, marketing.

OUTREACH COMMITTEE (OC) works in concert with groups such as the Media Committee, Green Pages, Funcom, Website, and Merchcom to create consistent and compelling messaging and communication for GPUS. The committee also may work on advertising, volunteer coordination, and helping state parties grow their recruitment efforts. Preferred experience: Communications, marketing, web development, organizing, volunteer coordination.

PEACE ACTION COMMITTEE (GPAX) exists to facilitate the planning and achievement of peace and justice action proposals adopted by GPUS, and to support and promote the Party’s Anti-War candidates and agenda.

PLATFORM COMMITTEE (Platcom) organizes and facilitates participation in the amending of the GPUS platform by a process involving submissions, input and feedback, based on democratic deliberation, discussion, debate, and voting by the National Committee. The committee may submit proposals to the NC to edit, amend, update and improve the GPUS Platform or the amendment process. Preferred experience: familiarity with the platform and Green Party values, editing and proofreading skills, writing.

PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN SUPPORT COMMITTEE (PCSC) prepares and administers an exploratory/outreach plan to potential candidates, and represents GPUS in coordinating communication with candidates seeking the GPUS Presidential nomination. This committee is busiest in the year before the US Presidential election, but strategic planning is ongoing. Preferred experience: campaign management, excellent communication skills, knowledge of GP policies and history.

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