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Green Party of Michigan Condemns D.C. Violence

By: Robin Laurain | Published: 1/6/2021

The Green Party of Michigan condemns the violence that has occured today in D.C resulting in a woman being shot. Non-violence is one of our ten key values and we expect that the Republican Party will make a statement condemning the actions of it's membership.
Our sympathy and empathy go out to the citizens of D.C. and to the victim who was involved in the shooting. We also want to reach out to the D.C. Greens and offer our support to them during this time of crisis in their community.
Violence like this can not be accepted. As Jim Becklund states, Ways and Means Chair of the Green Party of Michigan, "This should be a time of peaceful transition."  
The Republicans need to take control of this situation before it esculates into more violence. The Democrats need to be pressuring the Republicans to do so as well. All third parties should be issuing statements of condemnation. This can not be accepted as the "new" norm.
Robin Laurain, Co-Chair and Local Liaison of the Green Party of Michigan
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