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Waiting for Numbers: Where to Find Green Vote Totals in Michigan

By: John Anthony La Pietra | Published: 11/2/2020

Some quick hints for anyone who wants to find out the results for the 30 Green Party candidates on Michigan's ballot this year.

The big official page for Federal and state races is this one by the Bureau of Elections:


Unfortunately, it may be *very* slow to update.  In past years, the equivalent Webpage has typically waited to include a county's figures for a given race until the county is done counting that race.  News media may update much faster, giving us "the latest figures with XY% of precincts reporting" -- but of course they're not official, and they too have to rely on the ultimate source of vote counts: county (and local) clerks.

This Webpage:


contains the Bureau of Elections list of links to county-clerk Websites, or sometimes directly to county-level election results.  Another list of links belongs to the Michigan Association of County Clerks:


Now, if you want to know which GPMI nominees are on the ballot in a given county, see:


That list may lead you to focus on counties with the most Green candidates running -- or counties where Greens are running for offices only voters in those counties get to elect.  Here are possible links to results in some of those counties -- with the names of "in-county" candidates for each.

Eaton County (Dalton McCuiston, 71st District State House)

Genesee County (John Early, Fenton Township Trustee)

Ingham County (Gene Gutierrez, 69th District State House)

Kent County (Marco Bulnes, 75th District State House)

Oakland County (Sherry A Wells, 27th District State House; Destiny Clayton & Nick Rowley, County Board Districts 17 and 18)

Washtenaw County (Eric Borregard, County Board District 2; Marissa Prizgint, Northfield Township Clerk)

Wayne County (D. Etta Wilcoxon, 13th District US House; Stephen Boyle & Anita Belle, 3rd & 7th Districts State House; James Cole Jr., County Board District 2; Evelyn Pridemore, Redford Township Clerk)

Finds and suggestions welcomed.
NOTE:  For a PDF version of this article -- with working links, AFAIK -- please visit:

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