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Reflection Time

By: N Sparling | Published: 11/2/2020

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reflection: GPMI. 2020.11.01
My recent working with the party, some party members in particular, and one local campaign have shown me the potential we have as a group to move towards our goal of social and ecological justice.  The election looms on the drafting of this thought and will happen whether or not I get out of it what was expected.  
I would hope that when we work together, we can achieve more than we could have individually, the sum being greater than its parts so to speak.  What I see in Dan’s article proves to me the party is far from perfect and I mourn his decision to withdraw.  We certainly need no further proof we are imperfect, lest we look for reminders in the mirror.
When one comes to us to share their ideas and enthusiasm it should be savoured and not squandered.  The work done should be acknowledged and not assumed the norm.  
Dan, what you have done for us is spectacular and appreciated.  Your efforts to create transparency and cooperation and move forward are appreciated!  They are noble efforts, but we have not treated them so.  
Thank you, Dan, rest well and recoup.  I hope to see you back in the future and promise to try and not abuse your knowledge base and tutelage as we tread a similar path.  
We need not focus on shortcomings and frustrations.  These will surface on their own and will deter us from reaching our goals but strive we must.  
I know that I may not be well known in the party, but I feel I may have an idea or two that may help us grow and see the efforts pay dividends.  Let us find a way to work together for a common goal and build something we can be proud of.  I know the onboarding process needs work.  The SCC issue remains.  The SMM is coming up and I would like us to find ways to move forward and work together minimizing factions. Cliques do not work, and Greens should not condone that behaviour.  
This age of technology allows for some distraction and some really effective communication.  Let us use it to increase the SMM frequency via zoom, or another brand, and save some carbon emissions in the process.
As we continue with the SCC, let us look to make that more transparent to membership and demonstrate the party can learn and grow from errors past.  I would suggest that issues debated on SCC platforms be within our control base not through email.  Allow SCC members the ability to post, all members the option to see and comment apart from the issue being debated, and decision making outside of SMM be a courteous peace based processed.  
We will have disagreements.  We will likely get impatient with ourselves and other members.  We can get through this and prosper as a cultural change force.  I know it will be difficult for all of us on some level.  The difficulty does not daunt those who are determined, it only serves to justify the effort needed to make it a possibility.  We can use the Constitution as an example of what has yet to be realised, but we do move closer and see things like the 3/5’s compromise should never have been in the document.  We amend and adapt to the times.  The Green Party of Michigan can and should do better with each other and be an example of what can be done.
Thanks, Dan, I will need your help as I am wholly unqualified for most things I try to get done.  Coding is not the least of which would have avoided.  I am, however, willing to try, and learn.  That is what the Green Party can do as well.


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