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Login Issues

By: Daniel Martin-Mills | Published: 10/22/2020


Login Issues with the GP-MI Website


You may be frustrated with difficulty logging in, and staying logged into the GP-MI website. A few things are worth knowing.


First, the site is very secure. Part of this security is a strong password requirement and confirmation that your email account is valid.


But you may find that you are sometimes logged off in the middle of what you are doing. Then logging in might give an error screen.


Checking the 'Remember me?' box may not work as expected.



This irritates me too when it happens, and it did happen just last night. At the same time, it also happened to a friend who was on the phone.


This was the situation. I had compiled and uploaded an update to the application. When I did that, security keys for the application were reset. The cookie held and transmitted by the browser no longer matched an anti-forgery token on the server. That caused the error. I hit the 'back' button and then reloaded the login page before logging in again.


It's natural to feel anger in this situation, and nobody likes that. What to do, you might ask? Well, try considering that your annoyance and loss of 30 seconds of useful time have been bought with 30 minutes or 30 hours of my focused effort to improve and extend your application.


A separate problem can occur for users who 'Register' a new account on the application, but then do not wait for the confirming automatic email. This email contains a link that must be clicked to verify the authenticity of the submitted email account. That email will expire after a few minutes, for security reasons. When this email expires, there is no way the user can login. The user account that was generated on the server is marked as unconfirmed and will remain so. If the user tries to reset the password, the application will assume it is being hacked. It will say it that is sending more confirming emails but it is not, fooling and frustrating the user endlessly. In this case, you will need to contact a Web Steward. Please do not create more user accounts or join the GP-MI multiple times.


Thanks for understanding that web applications require tight security, and that updates to the GP-MI application resets the security keys.





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