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By: Daniel Martin-Mills | Published: 10/22/1970

And earn a contribution to your favorite candidate!And earn a contribution to your favorite candidate!


This website is unique in that it allows any member to post articles to its front page. This means that we are free to express our views, share our ideas, and report valuable information. 

It also means that something embarrassing, hurtful, or erroneous could be published under our name. How can we tolerate that risk, you might ask? 

First: By choosing democracy, we must accept the risks that come along with it. Unpredictability can make some of us uncomfortable, but we stand against top-down control to give our weakest voices strength. 

Secondly, our members can remove bad content, and so the risk is mitigated. 

This site is a demonstration of the association between power and responsibility. We want our fellows to be responsible. We must give them authority. To maintain authority, people must be responsible. 

If you see something on this website that does not belong, you should Report it, by clicking the button at the top right. That will prompt you to submit a form, like the one below: 




You will be required to leave a reason and a comment. 

When two people report the same article, it comes down automatically. Emails are launched to the author and GP-MI officers. If the author appeals, the article may come back in the future, after a prescribed procedure. Records are automatically logged for use if needed. 

We want our population to take responsibility for the state of our communities. This is a small way to get some practice. This article intends to reinforce good behavior with a money reward! 

The two people who take this article down will receive $100 each toward the GP-MI candidate of their choice! Winners will be announced after this article 'comes down'.


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