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I Was an Election Challenger for the GPMI -- and You Can Be, Too!

By: John Anthony La Pietra | Published: 10/14/2020

Want to help stop this from happening here?
    Are you ready, willing, and available to help protect voters' rights on Election Day (or maybe before)?  If you are, please e-mail me at elections@MIGreenParty.org and I'll help you start preparing to be a GPMI Election Challenger.  We try to protect good voters from bad voting processes and devices – and those running them – and anyone threatening to interfere with voting rights.

    The law requires challengers to be registered voters in Michigan, and says candidates can't serve as challengers – at least not in any precinct where they're on the ballot (though they're commonly allowed to serve in other precincts).  We need you to tell us you meet those legal requirements and are a member of GPMI, and send your e-mail address so we can contact you.  We ask you to commit to reading the state handbook on being an election challenger, and knowing what it says you may and may not do, before you start serving.  A copy of the handbook – titled “The Appointment, Rights, and Duties of Election Inspectors and Poll-Watchers” – is attached; you can also find it on line at


    We also expect you to live up to Green values while serving – Grassroots Democracy in particular, of course, but others too – and to take care of yourself and others, from wearing a mask on up.  And we need to know where you're willing to go to be a challenger (which voting precincts or Absent-Voter Counting Boards in which counties and cities or townships) for what part of the day.  If you have a clipboard and/or a smart phone, so much the better – please let us know that, too.

    Once we verify you're a GPMI member and have met the other requirements, we'll mail you a signed Election Challenger card to show to the chief “election inspector” (poll-worker) at the polling place – along with a written notice of your appointment by GPMI as a challenger.

    And if you volunteer now, we'll help you get into training via Zoom that's soon to be offered by the Michigan Election Reform Alliance (MERA) – which describes itself as “a nonpartisan, nonprofit group committed to working with all Michigan residents to ensure the accuracy, verifiability and fairness of our elections.”  (We'll send MERA your contact e-mail, so they can tell you about their training and invite you to attend.)

    We'll accept volunteers up until a week before the election – though we can't promise how long the MERA training will still be available. Again, if you're interested, please e-mail me at elections@MIGreenParty.org (or call 269-781-9478 if you have problems reaching me by e-mail).

John Anthony La Pietra
Green Party of Michigan
Elections Co-ordinator
personal e-mail
611 North Linden Street
Marshall, MI  49068

attached copy of state manual:


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