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Statewide Membership Meeting Okemos – October 10, 2020

By: Daniel Martin-Mills | Published: 10/13/2020

On-site / Zoom Hybrid Meeting


Destiny Clayton and her daughter Alexis, (I think)


An interesting thing happened the week before our meeting. I called to confirm and was told we were not on the schedule! There was no record that the GP-MI had reserved a room. I found the August 26 email with attached agreement and then spent two days with phone tag and transfers. The problem is a familiar one. A person was supposed to key the emailed data into a machine but didn't do it. If Marriott had asked me to fill out a form on a web application, there would have been no inconvenience for me or for the group that had to be relocated at last minute. (If I had known the week before that turnout would be so low, I probably would have opted to work from my car and let them have the room.) 

The weather was nice for a drive to the center of the state. However, several members were surprised with conflicts in their personal schedules and had to opt out entirely. One of the main proponents for an in-person/zoom hybrid meeting found herself at the doctor's office Saturday morning instead of with us! (She is ok - it was a 24-hour thing.) We expected ten members on-site but only had five at any one time. 

The attendance list shows 22 members and two non-members attending, but some only joined briefly. The non-members were Amy Slepr's friend Kim, and Sue Norman from Rank MI Vote. 

Sue spoke and responded to our questions for about an hour, beginning at 10:00. She asked for our help in getting the word out and in promoting the idea of Michigan joining Maine as a state that uses Rank Choice Voting. 

Howie Hawkins and a number of GP-MI candidates for public office were main attractions after the noon hour. 

An election related request came from John Anthony in the form of an Election Challenger Packet. This request deserves to be an article of its own, but we can mention it here. You can help by becoming a Poll-Watcher or an Election-Challenger. Please read the attached document and contact John Anthony at elections@migreenparty.org, or by click the 'Volunteer' button on the GP-MI website splash page sidebar and submitting your request for follow up, as shown below:



Bylaws change proposals were largely tabled until November's SMM, with work to continue in committee. 

The sudden vacancy in the Committee Manager office was filled by me, as an 'interim', with another request for nominees to follow at the November SMM. (Whomever you are, this is your opportunity to serve!) 


Amy Slepr and her friend Kim Hippensteel



Me, upon arrival


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