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By: Darryl Gibson | Published: 9/2/2020


 Vote Blue no matter who, is a trap for progressive voters.  Progressives in the democratic party seem to think that if they keep pushing the progressive agenda, the party leadership will eventually come around.  With the railroading of Senator Bernie Sanders not once, but twice, that has already proven to be untrue.  Did you ever wonder why Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic leadership pushed back against Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when she began promoting a, "Green New Deal" in 2018? (although the policy was "borrowed", from the platform of Green Party candidate Governor, Howie Hawkins in 2010)  This would suggest at the very least, that the Democratic Party leadership remains comfortable with the status quo and have no room for policy which doesn't match corporate interests.


  Consider this.  Progressive policies such as Single-Payer Medicare for All or a Green New Deal require quite a bit of money.  Money that the 1%, major corporations and their PAC's aren't willing to part with, as support for these ideas softens profit margins.  And as long as the Democratic Party is connected to these money sources, it will never move left.  It doesn't need to.  It has everything it needs with its big money donors, plus the progressive vote.  I understand that there have been other progressive movements, frustrated with the Democratic Party leadership, aiming to create a new progressive party.  But unless their new platform includes not taking corporate money (like the Green Party), they'll still just be Democrats.  


  Okay, so let's imagine Joe Biden wins the election.  And let's say he's able to dig us out of the hole that Trump has put us in.  What happens in 2024?  Do you think the Democrats will finally come to their senses and suddenly begin adopting progressive policies?  Not likely.  Because there will always be a crisis to warrant a continued vote for the status quo.  Either continue on the path the DNC has set, or risk bringing back another Trump!  The best way to move the Democratic Party to the left is NOT voting Blue, but Green.  If the Democrats are truly interested in progressive voices, they would move left (Green), or lose progressive votes.  Think about it.  Your progressive beliefs are already our long-standing policies.  All you have to do is come home.  We'll leave the light on for you.


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