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Candidate Videos

By: Daniel Martin-Mills | Published: 8/28/2020



This article is to show candidates how to embed a video into their own details page on the GP-MI website. 

To get to the details page, please click the candidate image from the splash page or candidates list. (BTW, the images are 'responsive' now, and expand to fill the column.)



The details page will have an 'Update' button, if the logged in user is the candidate, or is an authorized officer.



Clicking to update, the data entry page loads. It has a new box for the 'Video Link".



Adding the valid URL and saving is all that's required.

After saving, the candidate details page will have two new buttons. They only appear if there's a video link. (Please check that it works. If not, the entered URL was not a valid link.)



Click the 'Show Video' to see the results.

The best part of this is that candidates can manage their own content on the GP-MI website, adding or changing the video at any time. 

If you have trouble, contact the Web Steward.


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