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Officer Elections and the GP-MI Website

By: Daniel Martin-Mills | Published: 8/16/2020

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This is an invitation for members to test a demo of upgrades to the GP-MI web application having to do with our officer elections.

Officer elections typically occur at the Spring SMM, according to Article V of our bylaws. Official positions are filled for the year through a process of nomination and rank choice voting. National Committee seats, as well as National Delegate/Alternate Delegate positions are also filled in this way. GP-MI Committee membership is determined at this time, but these do not involve a ballot. (In some cases, what is stated here is based on observed tradition. The Handbook Committee is in the process of articulating our protocols.)

The application upgrades are intended to make it easier for members to participate, and to access relevant current and historical information.

To begin, please login and click the 'All Meetings' button at the top of the sidebar.




You will see a special meeting listed at the top. It has been set up for this demonstration.

An actual meeting with officer elections can be created by the Elections Coordinator, (or Web Steward or any other officer assigned that role) and it will function in the same way.




We see that this meeting will include an election of officers. Click the 'Details' button to see the screen below.




Certain buttons are visible based on the logged in user's role. All members have the 'Nominees' and 'Ballot' buttons. Before clicking on them, please click the 'Elections' button at the top right. That will load the screen below.




We see a list of past and future elections with our demo election at the top. The Elections Coordinator, and other authorized officers can create new elections and update existing ones. They also maintain Candidate Questionnaires and Ballot Instructions which can then be assigned to the various elections. Ordinary members can click to see, but cannot alter these resources.

Please click the 'Nominations' button to load the screen below.  




The page loads in its collapsed form, showing nothing but buttons. When expanded, you may see a long list of nominees in all three categories.

Please click the 'Officer Nominees' button. You will see the list of GP-MI offices, each with a button that, when clicked, will expand to show the current nominees for the position. Below, we have clicked the button for the first listed office.




We see that there is only one nominee for the Archivist position, and that the office holds only one officer, whereas the Co-Chairperson office holds two officers and we have four nominees for that position. We will not know without expanding that section whether any have accepted their nomination. We see that Matt has accepted the nomination for Archivist.

Also note that each section has a button that will take us to the Handbook chapter that describes its position.

Remember that nominees listed here are for testing purposes only. You are encouraged to make your own nominations and to accept or reject nominations that you may receive.

Please click the 'Ballot' button at the top. That will load the screen below.




Again, certain buttons show up based on the logged in user's role. The text box and 'Change Ballot' button in the center allow the Elections Coordinator or other authorized officer to enter data received by proxy, phone, or paper ballots.

Unlike the list of nominations seen earlier, the ballot remains fully expanded. The 'Save' button retains its position at the bottom right of the screen as you scroll through the list.

Only nominees who have accepted their nomination are presented on the ballot.

Please make choices on your ballot and save your results. Nothing is recorded until the 'Save' button is clicked. You may return at any time and change your votes. If nominees have been added while you were away, they will appear, and you will be able to rank them against the others.

The 'Instructions' button at the top center will present the instructions that will have been crafted by the Elections Coordinator in concert with the Handbook Committee.

An upgrade that demonstrates Rank Choice Voting for our officers, national committee members, and national delegates and alternates will follow. It will use data that we collect through this testing situation. Please vote soon!

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