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The 2020 Green National Convention

By: Daniel Martin-Mills | Published: 7/22/2020

Agela Walker and Howie HawkinsAgela Walker and Howie Hawkins


The 2020 Green National Convention was held online from July 9 - 12, with selection of its Presidential and Vice-Presidential Nominees on Saturday, July 11.

The Green National Committee had originally accepted the offer made by the Detroit Green Party Detroit, MI to host the event at Wayne State University, but announced on April 28 that plans to hold a physical meeting were canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The list of GP-MI Presidential Delegates had some late changes, with alternates replacing regular delegates.

The list of GP-MI members who attended the Convention may be incomplete. If you notice inaccuracies here or on the Meeting Details page, please notify us at or text 231-206-9779 with info.

A video link can be found from our 'Resources' tab in the nav bar at the top of the GP-MI website. Links to official videos will be included here when they become known. Please contact if you have other links.

The personal video includes some of the meeting Lou Novak set up on the GP-MI Zoom platform. Lou was very helpful before and during the Convention on the phone, and on a group-chat that he set up for the delegates.

Delegates voted on proposals related to the nomination processes. This article will be updated to include more details.

Official results have not been published by the GP-US yet, but we do have a screen shot of the final delegate count, thanks to Jim Becklund:




These details will be included as they become known.

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