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Delegates and Alternates to the National Convention

By: John Anthony La Pietra | Published: 6/25/2020

one of the logo files that will be used to represent GPMI at the GP-US Presidential Nominating Conventionone of the logo files that will be used to represent GPMI at the GP-US Presidential Nominating Convention

The Green Party of Michigan (GPMI) has selected its 15 delegates and 15 alternates to represent the party at the upcoming Presidential Nominating Convention (PNC) of the Green Party of the United States next month.

Members of GPMI applied to be part of the state's delegation May 1-31, and the State Central Committee (SCC) considered those applications June 1-12 before using approval voting to indicate all the candidates they supported.  The voting ended June 19, just before the state's nominating convention June 20 -- its first ever statewide virtual meeting.

Party members participating at the convention agreed by unanimous consent to ratify the vote, and a working group met the next day to finalize the results.  The basic order of SCC voting results was preserved, with the top 15 vote-getters selected as delegates and the next 15 as alternates.

The working group broke ties at the dividing lines in favor of improving the gender balance of the delegation.  Amanda Slepr was offered and accepted the position of state reporter, the person who will announce GPMI's votes at the convention.

The members of the delegation are:

John Anthony LaPietra
Amanda Slepr (state reporter)
Robin Laurain
Jim Becklund
Darryl Gibson
Jean-Michel Creviere
Lou Novak
Tom Mair
Michael Zubas
Matt Crehan
Beau Perry
Noorzana Yasmin
Victoria Bowman
Jessica McCallie-Arquette
Dawn Weeks

Daniel Martin-Mills
Melissa Noelle Lambert
Chai Montgomery
Kailyn Kobetic
(John) Austin Murphy
N J (Jeff) Sparling
Marcia Squier
Kathryn (Marie) Beebe
David Cabler
Tyler Kolbe
James Middleditch
Meral Topcu
Michelle Truskowski
Frank Foster, Jr.
Ariana Gronow

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