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GP-MI State Convention Results

By: Daniel Martin-Mills | Published: 7/1/2020



The State Nominating Convention of the Green Party of Michigan was held on schedule, Saturday, June 20, 2020, from 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM. 

Hosting Local Group: Mid-Mitten Greens. 

The meeting was conducted via Zoom, as is the fashion these days. There was some apprehension because this is new for us. Attending Zoom meetings is not the same as setting up and running a large multi-host convention, especially considering the risk of intentional disruptions. The officers practiced with test meetings the weeks prior. That experience bought confidence. We required pre-registration and sent meeting notices several times in advance. The convention ran smoothly. 

The attendance list can be found on our website, linked to the Meeting Details page. 

The GP-MI meeting packet was updated before and updated during the convention. 

Minutes of the meeting are linked to the meeting details page. 

Video links are found from the 'Resources' tab on the website's navigation bar at the top, and on the details page. They are listed here too for convenience: 

Zoom recording, (1 of 2): 


Zoom recording, (2 of 2): 


Personal recording: 


Timeline of Events in the recording: 


We closely followed the proposed Agenda. The agenda was a collaborative product.

Members were free to submit requests and suggestions to the website. Main contributors to the final product were Jim Becklund, Robin Laurain, and John Anthony La Pietra. John Anthony produced the final draft. 

Jim Becklund was selected to be the meeting Chairperson, and Dan Martin-Mills agreed to be the meeting Secretary. These two would sign and deliver paperwork to Lansing on the Monday following the meeting; June 22. Jessicia Venture was chosen to be the meeting Timekeeper. 

We accepted and followed the Convention Rules that John Anthony had composed and submitted. 

We linked John Anthony's Polling Results for Presidential Delegates to the meeting packet. The agreement by consensus was to move decisions on these details to the SCC, to be completed in time to submit the results to the GP-US National Committee. 

Presidential Candidates were invited to speak and to answer questions. They spoke in this order: 

Chad Wilson,

Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza- Curry,

Susan Buchser-Lochocki,

Dennis Lambert,

Howie Hunter,

David Rolde,

Dario Hunter

Kent Mesplay was invited to speak but was not present. 

John Anthony and Darryl Gibson, the only members of the 'Polling Committee', decided to not stop Presidential Polling at noon, as planned, to allow all candidates to finish their speeches. 

Senate/Education Statewide Nominees and United States House of Representative candidates were invited to speak and to answer questions. They spoke in this order: 

Marcia Squire, U.S. Senate,

Tom Mair, State Board of Education,

Brandon Hu, Michigan State University Board,

Robin Laurain, University of Michigan Board of Trustees,

Susan Odgers, Wayne State University Board of Governors,

Susan Hubbard, Michigan Supreme Court Justice,

Amanda Slepr, U.S. House of Representatives, District 4.

Jean-Michel Creviere, U.S. House of Representatives, District 2.

John Lawrence, U.S. House of Representatives, District 6 

Marcia Squire nominated new member, Michael Mawilai for U.S. House of Representatives, District 14. Tom Mair opposed the nomination and advised Michael to run for a local office or for a spot on the University of Michigan Board of Regents, instead. This would also prevent a conflict with Clyde Shabazz, who was not present but was running for the same office. 

State House of Representatives candidates were invited to speak and to answer questions. They spoke in this order: 

Jeff Rubley, District 56,

John Anthony La Pietra, District 63,

Dalton McCuiston, District 71,

Melissa Noelle [Lambert], District 99,

Rick Sauermilch, District: 110

Mary Kozonis, District 55, was called but is no longer running.

Tia Metzger, District: 59, was called but John Anthony answered that she may not be running.

Adam Garvey, District 92 is called but was not present.

James Vasher, District 103 is called but was not present. 

County Partisan candidates and Non-Partisan GPMI Endorsements were invited to speak and to answer questions. They spoke in this order: 

Eric Borregard - Washtenaw County Commission / District: 2

Marissa Prizgint - Clerk / Northfield Township (Washtenaw County)

Joshua Hellman - Jackson County Commission / District: 3 is called but John Anthony explained his addition to the list was a mistake. 

Jeccicia Venture proposed that we accept Michael Mawilai's nomination for Regent and Clyde Shabazz nomination for U.S. Representative 14th District nomination. Jim Becklund supported. The motion passed by consensus. 

Jim Becklund asked that we accept all nominees who presented themselves, given that none are in opposition with another. That suggestion passed by consensus. 

The following candidates, who were nominated at the Oakland County Caucus spoke: 

Sherry A. Wells, State House of Representatives, District: 27

Destiny Clayton, County Commission, Oakland, District 17,

Jessicia Venture, Waterford Township Clerk 

John Anthony asked the group to consider who our Presidential Electors will be, stating that they will likely all be 'At Large'. Rita Jacobs read a section from John Anthony's Convention Booklet that explained Presidential Electors. 

The following list of volunteers filled the slate and were approved by consensus: 

Jean-Michel Creviere,

Lou Novak,

John Anthony La Pietra,

Marsha Squire,

Jessica McCallie-Arquette,

Daniel Martin-Mills,

Amanda Slepr,

Robin Laurain,

Melissa Lambert, (aka Melissa Noelle),

Jeff Sparling, (aka N Sparling),

Rick Sauermilch,

Frank Foster Jr.,

Jeff Rubley,

Stephen Boyle

Destiny Clayton,

Jenifer Kurland 


Jim Becklund and John Anthony presented the proposal to amend the bylaws thus: 

Amend Article VIII (Nominations), Section 2 (County and district nominating

caucuses), Subsection A. PROPOSED WORDING: 

A) At the request of at least three GP-MI members in a county or

district, GP-MI shall call a county or district nominating caucus in

accordance with party rules and state law to nominate candidates for partisan

offices (and if the caucus so chooses, to endorse

candidates for nonpartisan offices) serving constituents entirely within the

county or district. The request--including the planned date(s),

times and place of the caucus--shall be made either at an SMM or to the SCC at

least 50 days before that year's state convention, or to

the SCC at least 28 days before a caucus to be held after the state convention. A

nominating caucus may be held at a state convention

if a timely request so asks.


{current language of that subsection:}

A) At the request of at least three GP-MI members in a county or

district, GP-MI shall call a county or district nominating caucus in

accordance with party rules and state law to nominate candidates for partisan

offices and endorse candidates for nonpartisan offices

serving constituents entirely within that county or district. The caucus request

shall be made either at a SMM at least 50 days before

the state convention for that year or to the SCC at least 50 days before the state

convention, and shall include the planned date(s),

times, and place. A nominating caucus may be held at the state convention if

the requesters so desire. 

Sherry A. Wells asked that the GP-MI required notification be change from 50-days to 40 days. The motion was passed by consensus


To present the Presidential Polling results, John Anthony, and Darryl Gibson keyed information from the ten paper ballots they had received into the web application. Calculations there were immediate, but they were only visible to the officers. John Anthony followed by checking results with his spreadsheet. He then announced the delegate allocations which are based on the percentage of first choice votes cast for each candidate.



Results for the first round voting are as follows: 

Hawkins 7 delegates

Hunter 3 delegates

Curry 1/2 delegate

Sanders 1/2 delegate

Ventura 4 delegates 

Rita shared her screen so everyone could see the percentages. The website no longer hides this page. It can be found by clicking a 'Ballot Results' button on the Presidential Candidates page. A link to that page is also given here for convenience: 2020 Presidential Polling Results. 

The detail about who would be the Reporter for the delegates was left to be determined because several of the stake holders had already left the meeting. 

Jim Becklund ended the meeting at 5:04.

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