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Call to Candidates and Members

By: Robin Laurain | Published: 6/14/2020

Green Party Call to Action!Green Party Call to Action!


Our nominating convention is this Saturday. We still need members and candidtaes to RSVP and to vote in our Presidential Nominee Straw Poll. for more information. You are able to vote on-line and by mail.

We also need non-partisan, Michigan candidates to upload their camapign information to our web-site. This helps your campaign as well as GPMI because people from all the over the world check out our web-site.

I am looking forward to seeing and meeting some of you at the GPMI nominating convention for the first time. Please participate in the Green energy that is contagious around our State.

We are looking for volunteers in all 83 counties to help with GPMI campaigns. My goal is to recruit 100 or more social media ambassadors to help promote our candidates. If you are interested in being a voulnteer, please reach out to me.

We have about 25 to date. At the end of the election, we will be having a watch party to celebrate our efforts. Please be part of the fun and Green energy!


Robin Laurain, Co-Chair and Local Liaison, Green Party of Michigan

Seeking the Green Party Nomination for Michigan State University Board of Trustee

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