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REMINDER -- Members Can Still Ask for County Caucuses to Be Held After the Convention

By: John Anthony La Pietra | Published: 5/30/2020

The state convention is now three weeks away.  (Please remember to RSVP on the home page at as soon as possible, so you can get the latest word on how our first virtual statewide meeting will work!  And don't forget your Presidential preference poll ballot needs to be cast online by noon June 20, or received by me or Membership Manager Darryl Gibson in hard copy by June 19, if we are to be able to verify your membership and count your vote.)

If you get inspired by the convention and decide you'd like to be a Green candidate for a local office (one serving only people within your own county), but not until after the convention . . . well, there still might be a way.

If nobody was nominated at the convention for an "in-county" partisan office for your county, then you and two other members of GPMI in your county can ask the state party to call a caucus for that county.

What you need:

* At least three members of GPMI who live in a county and want a caucus.  (It will help if you're all willing to help organize the caucus and get the results of it where they need to go.)

* Nobody nominated at the convention to run as a Green for a partisan office which serves only people in your county.  (If you're not sure about this, please let me know ASAP.  The state won't let us nominate anyone at a county caucus if the convention has already nominated any Green for an office inside that county, and vice versa.)

* Somebody who wants to run as a Green for an "in-county" partisan office.  (Or might want to run -- you can hold a caucus and wind up not nominating anyone, but you can't nominate anyone without holding a caucus.)

* A date for the caucus.  (State law says they must be held by Primary Day -- August 4 this year.  And members need to be notified 14 days in advance, so the request needs to get to the State Central Committee at least 21 and preferably 28 days ahead of time.)

* A time for the caucus.  (Well, times probably -- starting and ending.)

* A place for the caucus.  (If you're sure there won't be more than ten people physically present at a time, you can even have a physical location under the latest Executive Order.  If you want to hold a virtual meeting, you can make your own arrangements or ask the state party for help -- we now have our own ZOOM account, for example.)

If you nominate someone at a county caucus you'll need to get their nomination paperwork to the county clerk's office, the next business day after the caucus ends, in order to get them on the fall ballot.  So you may want to contact that office and ask them how and when they want you to do that -- you might even make an appointment.

County and city/township/village clerks are also places where you might be able to find someone who can notarize one of the forms each candidate needs to file; banks and credit unions are another possibility, and there is also this notary search page which even lets you look for e-notary and remote notarization services:

I'm attaching a copy of the 2020 edition of the GPMI caucusing manual to give you a reference point for some more of the details of our caucusing process.  (It was updated in March, so it doesn't reflect all the latest impacts of COVID-19.  Those are subject to change, of course, so if you have questions -- or some possible answers -- please let me know.)  Also attached is a copy of this year's "How to Be(come) a GPMI Candidate and Nominee" article, which I hope can answer questions about that process for any of our members who are curious.  The files are also posted on the GPMI Website at these locations respectively:
Let's "go WE go" forward to this year's elections and show everyone that #2020VisionIsGreen!

John Anthony La Pietra

Elections Co-ordinator
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Marshall, MI  49068
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