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I'm Ready To Run Green!!

By: Matt Crehan | Published: 5/25/2020

I'm Ready To Run Green!!I'm Ready To Run Green!!


Have you ever thought……...

that by doing ONE small thing, it could have a BIG effect on the future of the Michigan Green Party?

This fall all 110 Michigan State Representatives are up for re-election, which occurs every two years.

As a Third Party, we usually don’t get the attention we deserve. So we must take steps to change that!

We are looking for 110 candidates to run for Michigan State Representative. Its actually very easy.

Just ask that your name be placed in nomination for the State Representative district where you live.

You will then be nominated at the convention held June 20th. The convention will be held remotely.

After your nomination is accepted, you only have to complete a form to be submitted for filing.

If you decide to campaign, that’s great, as it will generate more attention to the Green Party.

Should you not be able to campaign, we will still get attention by having your name on our ballot.

The goal is to reach every corner of the State by having 110 Green Party candidates on the ballot.

This alone will generate more publicity than Third Parties normally receive, which is important.

Don’t feel pressured to campaign if you don’t feel comfortable. That is not the point of running.

Just by having your name on the ballot will help out the Green Party more than you can imagine!

You can find your State Rep district here:

Just think, by merely filling out a form, YOU can have a Major Impact on Political Dialogue!

The more people who file as State Rep candidates, the more credibility the Green Party receives!

Of course, if you have decided on another office to seek, we encourage you to continue your efforts.

Other spots on the 2020 ballot include the State Board of Education, Wayne State Board of Governors,

Michigan State University Board of Trustees, University of Michigan Board of Regents, & US Senate.

County Commission seats in all 83 Counties are also available, along with 14 Congressional offices.

This election cycle it is more important than ever to give voters a True Choice of candidates!

Now is the time for ACTION!!

Give serious thought to becoming a candidate. You can put as much effort into your race as desired !


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