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Candidate Offices

By: Daniel Martin-Mills | Published: 5/18/2020

Candidate Office Data EntryCandidate Office Data Entry

Hi John Anthony,

Thanks for entering the candidate data!

I logged in with Elections Coordinator role and began to add a candidate. The Coroner office wasn't available, so I clicked on the Add Office button:



The 'New Candidate Office' screen loaded. I selected 'County' under 'Scope' and that showed our existing (one item) list and a button for 'Other County Office'. I clicked that and the controls appeared to enter the new office name:



There was no error on saving.

The Candidate List loaded, and we need to start over. It would be better if the candidate data entry page would load again but that will take more work on the code. For now, we will start over with the candidate list and add a new candidate again.

Now, the Coroner office is available:



After selecting the new office, we see that a drop-down list of counties has appeared:



The list of counties is not filtered according to which counties currently hold the Coroner position. The user is expected to select the appropriate county.

There was no error on saving the new candidate.

You could do the same thing with the Surveyor office, but I just entered that one too.

For County Commission, the site now prompt for District as well as County, as you specified it should:



We are now requiring District for county commission, when saving changes:



The process for adding offices for Township are the same as for County. I added an office called Constable:



That makes the Township Constable available as a selection item for Office:



After selection, the Precinct textbox appears and requires an input. The user can key in Township and County names here. If we need to label the textbox differently, please specify in detail.



You can add the other Township offices in the same way, if you want to. Then, users can select 'Township Clerk', for example, instead of 'Township Board'.

I renamed 'City Commission' to 'City Council'.

I added 'Mayor' like we added the other offices, selecting 'City' and 'Other Office'.

They are now available for selection:



Selecting the new 'Mayor' office requires an entry for Precinct, where the user can enter the city name:



It would be nice for the computer to be smart enough to know that Precinct should in this case be 'City', but I'm sure we can live with this ignorance until the next iteration of code updates.

I am unsure of what you are asking for regarding Justices of the Supreme Court. If something specific is needed, please explain again.

Thanks again for entering the candidate data! I hope it goes smoothly. If there are problems, the quickest way to reach me is to text/call me. You could tell me to check email, etc. (231) 206-9779

Thanks again!



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