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Candidate Questionnaire

By: Daniel Martin-Mills | Published: 5/12/2020

Candidate QuestionnaireCandidate Questionnaire


Candidate Questionnaire

The GP-MI Elections Coordinator manages the candidate questionnaires. The steps are:

  1.     Create a questionnaire,
  2.     Add questions to the questionnaire,
  3.     Assigns the questionnaire to an Election.

Once this is done,

  •        Existing candidates for that election will receive an automatic email announcing the questionnaire.
  •        Candidates will have a button to allow answer the questions to be submitted.
  •        All users will have a button that lets them see the candidate's answers to the questions.



The Elections Coordinator can navigate to the Questionnaire List from that officer's Home page:



Clicking the button will load the list of existing Questionnaires:



From here, the Elections Coordinator can create new, or update existing Questionnaires. The questions are not shown in this list. To see them, we click on the 'View Questionnaire' button, as we did for the 2020 general election questionnaire seen below.



After the questionnaire is created and questions are added, the questionnaire can be associated with an election. The 'Election List' button at the top will load the Elections list.



To add the questionnaire, we click the 'Edit' button.



We find our questionnaire in the drop-down list, select it and click 'Save'. This will reload the election list where we can see that the questionnaire has been attached to the election.



The application has also sent automatic email notifications to all candidates already associated with this election.

Returning to the candidates list, we see two new buttons.



The Elections Coordinator will have the 'Candidate Questionnaire' button at the top, to navigate back to the questionnaire edit screen. Other site users will not have this button. The Elections Coordinator will also have buttons to add candidates and edit any candidate's information. Candidates will only have a button to add themselves or edit their own information.

The green button will be available to everyone and will load the questionnaire containing the candidate's answers.



Only the candidate and the Elections Coordinator will have the 'Answer' buttons. Everyone else will just see the candidate's answers to the questions. In the case above, there are no answers yet. Clicking the 'Answer' button loads the following screen.



After saving an answer to the stated question, the list reloads.



Clicking the 'Edit' button reloads the data entry page below.



We now have a 'Delete' button. We can edit the answer and save, or delete it entirely.

We have shown how the Elections Coordinator can create questionnaires and associate them to an election, thus making them available to candidates for answering and for the membership to view.

Future enhancements will include report generation and a link to a pdf version of the questionnaire.


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