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GP-MI State Nominating Convention

By: Daniel Martin-Mills | Published: 5/30/2020

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GP-MI State Nominating Convention


Please join us for the State Nominating Convention of the Green Party

Michigan on Saturday, June 20, 2020, from 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM.

Hosting Local Group: Mid-Mitten Greens

Local Green: Robin Laurain: (517) 408-0027, chair@migreenparty.org

Meeting Packet: GP-MI meeting packet. (The packet will be updated regularly – please download often for updates.)

Presidential Polling results will be tabulated. (See details below!)

Nominations for all Statewide and Multi-County* offices, and Single-County offices where a county caucus is not planned, will be considered. (See details below!)

Delegates to the Presidential Nominating Convention, (PNC) will also be determined.

Note: For information about candidate nominations through county caucuses, please see the footnote at the bottom of this page. 

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are forced to adopt our 'Plan B', which is to conduct a virtual convention.

The GP-MI purchased a multi-host ‘Zoom’ subscription for the platform to host the nominating convention. This resource is available for caucuses and other meetings approved by the GP-MI. Please monitor this page for details about how to use our Zoom account as a participant or host. If you are interested in helping run the June 20 convention, please email chair@migreenparty.org.

Please RSVP via the website if you plan to attend the convention. RSVP is required according to our bylaws, VIII 1 (c), traditionally for the purpose of planning seating, meals, lodging, etc. In this case we want to gauge Internet traffic requirements. Of course, email or snail mail notice of your plan to attend will suffice. Send to meetings@migreenparty.org.

Rules for the nominating convention can be found on the website: GP-MI Convention Rules. 

There will be three main items of business:

  1. Presidential polling tabulation
  2.  Selection of delegates to the GP-US Presidential Nominating Convention, (PNC).
  3.  Partisan candidate nomination

Other business will include presidential candidate introductions, state and multi-county candidate introductions, and related paperwork filing. 

Note that the GP-MI website requires a login name and a password. You will need to create a user account to login. When creating a user account, you will be asked for an email address. An automatic email will be sent to that address with a link for you to click to confirm its authenticity. It takes about 2 minutes for the email to arrive and it might go to a spam folder. The link will expire in 10 minutes. If the link is not clicked before it expires, you will need to contact websteward@migreenparty.org for help. If the email does not match the address that we have in your membership records, the computer will not be able to match you with your profile. In that case, you will need to contact us at websteward@migreenparty.org. If you need help remembering which email we have on file for you, you can contact membership@migreenparty.org.


Presidential Polling

The GP-MI is asking its members to rank the presidential candidates and submit their preferences, by mail or online, for use by our delegation at the GP-US Presidential Nominating Convention (PNC). The Paper Ballot may be printed, filled out and sent by regular mail to either of the addresses shown on the ballot. Ballots must be available for counting no later than noon on June 20, the day of the state nominating convention. (It's not possible to bring paper ballots to a virtual online meeting.)

Or follow the instructions below to use the website. You will find the list of known GP presidential candidates by clicking the center button on the splash page, shown below.




Clicking the button loads the presidential candidate list.



From this list, you will find links to relevant information such as the candidate's status with the GP-US and answers to the standard questionnaire. At the top center you will find a button called 'Ballot'. You are encouraged to click this button and to rank the candidates according to your preferences. You will see the ballot below.



A ballot was created for you by clicking the button. Any checks and entries on this page are automatically saved. You can return at any time and change your entries or clear the ballot entirely, up until polling ends at noon on June 20. Note that you may rank only one candidate as #1, one as #2, etc. If you do not support a candidate or other option, please do not give it any ranking.


Selection of Delegates to the GP-US convention

The GP-MI has been allocated 15 delegate votes at the PNC. We need 15 members to apply as delegates to the PNC, to be held on July 12, and will most likely be a virtual online meeting. We are allowed 15 Alternate Delegates as well, (ARTICLE VIII.; 8-1.4). You are encouraged to volunteer delegate to the PNC. Selection of delegates will made by the State Central Committee, and changes to the final delegate list may be made at the state nominating convention if necessary. Delegates will also be instructed on casting their votes at the PNC for the first round of voting on the presidential candidates. You can volunteer by emailing elections@migreenparty.org, or by submitting a form on the website. 

To do this, click the 'Presidential Candidates' button on the splash page, shown earlier. That will load the current list of volunteers, as seen below.


You can click the 'Add Yourself' button to volunteer. The form below will load, populated with data from your member profile.



Please check that this information is correct. Changes you make here to your address, city, zip, phone. FAX, and image, will also be written to your member profile. Changes to email and member since will need to be made from your profile page. The related 'Update' buttons will take you directly there.

'Year of Birth' is required by the GP-US Convention Rules (4-2.8). 'Member Since' is used to satisfy the GP-US requirement that members have 30 day standing. 'Willing to be an Alternate Delegate' may be considered by the SCC during its selection process, according to the GP-MI Convention Plan. If you are not selected to be a delegate, you may be asked to be an alternate delegate.


Partisan Candidate Nomination

You may submit your candidacy information online or by sending email to elections@migreenparty.org. From the website splash page already shown, click the 'Partisan Candidates' button. That will load the list of known candidates, as shown below. From here you can click to 'Add Yourself'. (If you have already added your information, you will see a button to edit/update your data.)



Clicking to 'Add Yourself', the data page loads where you can select your political office and, depending on your selection, your District or Precinct. If the office you run for is not listed, you may add it by clicking the 'Add Office' button.



Your contact information is known to the GP-MI but you should check that it is accurate. (Click the 'Hello ' button in the nav bar at the top right and then the 'Update Profile Information' button.) The email address and image you upload here is separate from your membership profile image and email. After saving, you will find yourself listed with the other candidates, ordered by political office.



Partisan candidates should complete the GP-MI Vetting QuestionnaireThe questionnaire can be downloaded as a paper document, or submitted through an online form. Candidate responses to the questionnaire will be posted on the website to be considered by the convention delegates.

Two forms must be filed the next business day after a convention, for each nominated candidate. These are the Affidavit of Identity, which requires notarization, and the Certificate of Acceptance. The GP-MI Elections Coordinator will assist candidates with these details, as well as with Campaign Finance Reporting requirements. Candidates should download and return the completed and notarized forms before the convention because the State requires their submission immediately after the convention.



If you're interested in a partisan office serving people only within your own county, email elections@migreenparty.org about whether that nomination could be made by a GP county caucus sometime before the August 4 primary.

There are two caucuses currently scheduled for times after the June 20 convention, they are in Oakland County on June 5 and Wayne County on July 25. If you are running for a partisan office serving a constituency entirely in either of these counties, please notify us at elections@migreenparty.org.

If you know of other caucuses or if you would like to start a county caucus, please let us know at elections@migreenparty.org.



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