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A Visit with Sherry Wells, Green Party Candidate for State Board of Education

By: Daniel Martin-Mills | Published: 8/12/2018

Sherry Wells, GP-MI Candidate for State Board of Education
Sherry Wells, GP-MI Candidate for State Board of Education

I had a delightful and productive meeting with Sherry Wells in Ferndale on Friday, August 3, 2018.


She was meeting with a fellow activist at the Tim Horton’s when I arrived there, so I tested the menu while waiting. I found it very appealing. The coffee was very good, too, so I bought a bag to take home.


I learned that Sherry’s work with the activist centers on addressing serious problems with the Ferndale Low Income Housing Commission, and working with the Detroit Eviction Defense.  


Sherry has been very busy lately, traveling the state to campaign for the Green Party, coordinating her efforts with, and supporting the other GP-MI candidates, and pushing for social changes that benefit all humanity. She has and is working on our by-laws, maintains contact with Art Myatt, and has helped Erin Fox get to/from the airport for the Utah convention.  


She does all this rather than pursuing her own personal desires. Although she described her passion for flying small airplanes as ‘addictive’, she hasn’t spent the time or money for this personal satisfaction in decades.  Instead, she throws herself into work that will benefit the underprivileged.  


If there was a reason for our meeting, it was to familiarize her with the nuances of our developing web resources. As helpful as they may be, computers are not friendly. The time they take from us is often surprising. Sherry had gathered the GP-MI Locals data and entered it successfully on her own. But there are other features available. I wanted to save her time.


But, our meeting also helped me get to know Sherry better. I heard about how she punched computer program cards while putting herself through a degree in education, and then law school. I heard about her passion for the rather esoteric language called Esperanto, and how she spoke publicly for years espousing its value in situations where clarity is vitally important, as in air traffic control.


All of this was a bonus for me. Sherry is someone worth knowing!