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Young Greens Making A Difference

By: Jim Becklund | Published: 3/29/2020

Young GreensYoung Greens

Young Greens Making A Difference

(by Jim Becklund)

                       2020 is a very pivotal year for our Green Party. Elections at all levels are going to take place in all areas from Federal right down to local levels. It is our opportunity to have members running in all these different levels.

                       Some may think that our candidates should come from the more mature membership. Baby Boomers are often the ones who seek elected offices. However, in a party such as ours that craves diversity we should not and cannot limit ourselves to the older groups. We are a growing party and with that comes members of all ages who believe in the same principles. The Young Greens are the strength and the future of the Party. It is important that we reach out to even the young members to seek office. It is not an impossible task for anyone in the Green Party to hold office. Thanks to our national organization ( here is a list of the young Greens who have or are holding office. Bravo to them for what they have accomplished.

Green Officeholders Youngest Greens Elected

Youngest Greens elected to office 

18 Dan Jenkins, Sports Advisory Council, Portland, ME 2001

20 Joshua Steele Kelly, Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate, Waterford, CT  2015
20 Heather Urkuski
, Auditor, Centre Township, PA 2001

21 Jason Toothaker
, Board of Education, Portland, ME 2004
21 Erek Gaines, Trustee, Water Board, Portland, ME 2003
21 Austin King, City Council, District 8, Madison, WI 2003
21 Echnaton Vedder, Board of Supervisors, District 8, Dane County, WI 1998
21 Dan Herber, City Council, LaCrosse, WI 1993

22 Joshua Plourde, City Council, Bangor, Penobscot County, ME 2013
22 David Segal
, City Council, District 1, Providence, RI 2002
22 Joyce Chen
, Board of Alderman, Ward 2, New Haven, CT 2001
22 Todd Jarrell, City Council, District 8, Madison, WI 2001

23 Neil B. Haagen, III, Snowshoe Borough Council, Centre County, PA 2013
23 Echnaton Vedder
, Board of Supervisors, District 8, Dane County, WI 2000

24 Matt Marr
, School Board, Position 4, Ashland, Jackson County, OR 2004
24 Craig Litwin, City Council, Sebastopol, CA 2000

25 Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
, Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District, Eureka, CA 2004
25 Echnaton Vedder, Board of Supervisors, District 8, Dane County, WI 2002
25 Cris Moore, City Council, District 2, Santa Fe, NM 1994

26 Alex Shantz
, Board of Trustees, St. Helena Unified School District, Napa County, CA 2015
26 Tom Davidock
, Borough Council, Port Clinton, Schuylkill County, PA 2003
26 Jason West, Mayor, Village of New Paltz, NY 2003
26 Matt Fillipiak, Board of Alderman, District 3, Stevens Point, WI 2001
26 Jose Octavio Rios, School Board, Lennox, CA 2001
26 Randy Zurcher, Board of Alderman, Ward 2, Fayetteville, AR 1996
26 Jason Kirkpatrick, City Council, Arcata, CA 1994

27 Amy Sunshine Moon, City Council, Laramie, WY 2000

29 Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District, Eureka, CA 2008
Cara Jennings, City Council, Lake Worth, FL 2006

In 1994, then 25 year-old Margaret Garcia ran for California Secretary of State, receiving 315,079 votes, the most ever for any U.S. Green candidate until the year 2000.



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