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My thoughts on being elected as the Female Identified Co- Chair of the Green Party of Michigan

By: Robin Laurain | Published: 3/12/2020


I was elected by our State Membership, (March 7th, 2020), to become the second woman in the history of the Green Party of Michigan to be a Co-chair with a Male-identifying person. The man that I will be working with is Tom Mair. I am going to be honest with you all... as you get to know me, you will find that I speak my mind. I hate identity politics with a passion, yet I realize that we are not evolved enough as a society to not need checks and balances in place to make sure that women are represented at the table. So, on this International Day of the Woman, I am still trying to wrap my head around what an enormous opportunity this is for me to use this position to advance the progress of women...all women. 

I challenge the older women of this State party not to be afraid to make room at our table for our younger Green sisters. I know it will be hard because you all fought so hard to get to where you are and may worry if younger or newer, female Greens may push you aside or erase your accomplishments. That will never happen. We all bring to the party our strengths and weaknesses and that is o.k. that we have weaknesses because we are human. In our moments of weakness is when our other Green sisters need to help us straighten our crowns without telling the entire world they did so.

I also ask our younger and newer Green sisters to be patient with us. To some of us, the Green world is a new world, even if we are older. Not all of us understand the new language, even if we have been part of the Lavender community our entire lives. We lived alone in our closets. When we were kids being called a "Queer" made you a social outcast. Now, our gay community embraces the world. Some of us still cringe when we hear the word. We are not as familiar as you are with the new technology. We may tend to want to be maternal with you. And you may think that the more insecure of us are just plain, old hags. 

To our male Greens. Thank you for embracing Feminism, yet please do not tell us what Feminism is. Until we have total equity within our State party, allow us to have our State Caucuses without criticism. Allow us to be assertive with you, just as you would another male Green. 

Last and yet most important; Our struggle has been real since the beginning of time. Let us not use our sexuality or our inequity to manipulate our environment. When we are asked to follow rules and we do not, do not use the woman card. Women are expected to follow rules, just as men are. Having a vagina should not make us any more or any less than a non-vagina owning person. 

The opinions expressed in this piece are my own. They do not represent the opinions of the members of the (GPMI) Green Party of Michigan. I can only hope that someday they do. 

In solidarity with all humankind,


Robin Laurain

Self identifying Female Co-chair of the Green Party of Michigan

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