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Candidate for November, 2020

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Bulnes Marco

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Bulnes Marco

District: 75

Hello: My name is Marco Bulnes. I was born in Honduras in 1974 and came to Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1987 when I was 13 years old. I am an entrepreneur, the President and CEO of Mayan Industries, LLC, a company built by the community for the community. I have lived my life based on 6 principals; “No Fear, No Guilt, No Greed” only “Passion, Purpose, and Resilience”. I have faced many obstacles and difficulties and have worked extremely hard to overcome them all. I started my company with 12 pounds of Guatemalan Coffee and 12 pounds of Honduran Coffee in the trunk of my car on 11-11-11. On that day I made a promise to God that I would build with purpose to help those wanting to succeed in life. I believe that our system needs someone that would help our neighbor without worry about the color of their skin or the language they speak but because they are human beings and they live in this world of ours. Everything starts with helping one another; affording opportunities that all of us deserve; overcoming systems that have failed us because we don’t have money or power or at times simply because we are not part of the “higher society”. I am here putting myself in the line of fire for all of those that need a voice, who need someone to understand how hard it is to survive in this city of ours. I believe I am that someone that comes from nothing and is still working hard to help others achieve success. I am here because someone has to speak up for those that can’t or are fearful to do so. I am here because change is needed; I am here because our world needs to be green, our environment needs someone that truly cares and will unite with the community to create this change. I am here because when I win you will have doors open to downtown or anywhere in Grand Rapids to make your dreams come true and change your reality for once and for all. It is time for our community to have a chance! I am here and I am one with the community of Grand Rapids, Michigan. There is so much more to come and I ask everyone over 18 to vote. Vote Green! Remember Marco; United we are strong!