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Candidates for November, 2020

President of the United States

Susan Buchser-Lochocki

You matter, Families matter, and Mothers matter…or do they? I was at a conference recently at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, about the outlook for women in current times and in the future. As a woman, this was an important conference for me, but I was stunned by the concluding message we walked away with… The single worst thing a woman can do currently in her lifetime, that will lower her standard of living perhaps leading her into poverty, is to become a Mother. Yet, the most womanly thing we women do is to become mothers, it’s our specialty, and currently, we do it for free. Between the stop in salary, to some (affordable) health insurance, and no retirement fund, the loss of money and eventually quality of life spirals out of control. Is this the way we respect ourselves and the woman who brought us into the world, who nurtured us, who was our first teacher? It is time, being a mother is a job, in fact, I would go so far as to say, …it is the MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD, it’s time to pay Mothers for their work! "WOMAN'S WORK" matters MOTHERS matter RESPECT* matters *its time to stop the rapes, beatings, and killings of women and girls across all races.

Howie Hawkins

The Hawkins/Walker ecosocialist Green New Deal encompasses two major programs, an Economic Bill of Rights and a Green Economy Reconstruction Program. The Economic Bill of Rights will finally fulfill President Roosevelt’s 1944 and 1945 State of the Union calls upon Congress to enact programs to secure basic economic human rights for all. The Green Economy Reconstruction Program will zero out greenhouse gas emissions and build a 100% clean renewable energy system by 2030. It will reconstruct all economic sectors for zero emissions, clean energy, and ecological sustainability—not only electric power production but also zero-waste manufacturing, regenerative agriculture, green buildings, and electrified transportation. The Economic Bill of Rights will guarantee the rights to a living-wage job, an income above poverty, a decent home, comprehensive health care, a good public education from child care and preK through college, and a secure retirement. For a summary of the Hawkins/Walker platform, visit

Dario Hunter

“The Green Party is the party of Justice – justice for the Earth and all its people.” Employment • Ensure a universal basic income and guarantees of employment at a living wage, housing, food and essential utilities for all. Environment • Reverse climate change and secure clean air, water and soil, through our REAL Green New Deal, transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2030. Education • Provide free college and early childhood education, fighting privatization and protecting community control of public education. Healthcare/Communities • Provide single payer, publicly-controlled health care for all, increasing healthcare availability in minority communities. • End environmental and educational racism, empowering disenfranchised communities. Equality and Human Rights • Stop the senseless killing of people of color by law enforcement. Demilitarize the police, establish community oversight and limit use of force. • End deportations, detentions and family separations. • Affirm tribal sovereignty. • End colonialism (e.g. Puerto Rico). Economy • Transform to a sustainable, eco-socialist economy with green jobs, funding for clean energy and local green businesses. • Return wealth to workers through employee-owned businesses and cooperatives. Democracy • Provide ranked choice voting, proportional representation and open debates. Military/Policing • End war and cease its funding, closing over 700 military bases abroad. • End the war on drugs feeding into mass incarceration.

Dennis Lambert

Our nation must rebuild our infrastructure in a more democratic way that works toward a healthier environment and provides well paying jobs. We must make sure that the government levels the playing field for the working poor, minorities, and other marginalized communities so that we can build a successful nation that hopefully the rest of the world can look to for guidance into the future.
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Kent Mesplay

Your involvement in this campaign helps to transform society for the better, by enacting cost-effective solutions that threaten the status quo, such as the Green New Deal. This is an urgent appeal for you to demonstrate the political will to enact solutions to safeguard the environment, promote social justice, mitigate historic wrongs, and to participate in the political process to rapidly grow that viable, pertinent, imperative "third" party in the U.S.A. that most people long for. It is time. A wise old woman once told me that whatever we do must have a strong element of fun in it. On that note, there is much fun to be had in the current race for U.S. president. You see, I am not running just to grow the Green Party, or to teach, or to annoy political operatives who seek to shut out competition. I am running to win. I do not intend to "spoil" the vote. I intend to give the erstwhile non-voter, that largest bloc in "American" politics, someone and something to vote for, to make a real difference. What are you waiting for, a glossy mailing? Dissent with Kent. Be seen being Green.

Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza- Curry

We Greens need new leadership and new ideas. Our campaign has spearheaded several initiatives focused on building the party by running and winning at the local and state levels. This will allow us to gain a base for future races, a direct say in making local and state policy, and people with governing experience to run at our nation's higher levels. We ask each of you to run for office or support those who share our ideals who are running at the local levels. Consider running for office, working on local campaigns, and volunteering with your state and local Green Party committees. Last March is my 18th (2001- 2019) Anniversary of being a card-carrying Green Party (GP) member. “We Greens” provide key links in creating, building and sustaining the “change network” that will move our nation forward and ensure the human species’ survival. As an 18-year Green Party member I was fully aware that I joined up knowing that the party was not perfect, but I was committed to get in and get the necessary work done to improve our national position. For me, our 2020 election is about our nation and party setting up succession opportunities. We are at a key moment in Earth’s history when it is critical that we raise awareness of environmental issues, as well as elect leaders who care about renewing the Earth. We Greens can lead, train and support America toward such a movement, but we will need to grow our membership base to do so. I look forward to you joining our campaign in this movement. Forward Ever, Backwards Never! Ms. Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry

David Rolde

We need a revolution, i.e., a change in which class of people are in power. The so-called “USA” is an illegitimate white nationalist colony on stolen land and built on slavery, genocide, war, empire, and monopoly capitalism. Imperialist capitalism has brought the world to the brink of destruction. Monopoly capitalist corporations produce and over-produce based on seeking profits rather than on actual needs, and without regard to avoiding social and environmental destruction. In particular the U.S. military and war/weapons industry is very destructive. We must totally eliminate the U.S. military. We must shut down the “USA” and its empire here and everywhere. We need decolonization, reparations and self-determination for Africans, indigenous people and all oppressed people. Reparations means that all resources and power must be turned over so that working class colonized people with a different non-imperialist mindset can create solutions to save the world and provide justice and equitable prosperity for everyone. Decolonization includes independence for Puerto Rico and Hawaii, restore indigenous land sovereignty in North America, From the River to the Sea Palestine Will Be Free - Stop all funding to the Zionist Entity. The U.S. presidential election is a staged drama in which the billionaire capitalist-imperialists select their figurehead Republican or Democrat president. The Green Party presidential campaign is a protest against this phony election and against the evil imperialist system. And the campaign is an organizing tool to bring people together into the GPUS to work for real change on local, state, national and international levels.

Chad Wilson

We have to break the 2-Party System in order to get the change that is needed. If we organize our resources and skills then we can start creating a quality of life for everyone now without the power of the office. Those resources should be used go around the corrupt system and predatory capitalist. We can unify people with the message of being against the corrupt system and its list of corrupt players. We must understand that the we’ve been focusing on the output of those corrupt policies rather than the causes of them. We have the higher ground to reach those who have been affected by the propaganda if we approach it as such.